A funny thing happens when we start or intensify a healing process. The initial shifts we make might feel great, if slightly uncomfortable, but after a period of elation, at some point down the road shit hits the fan. It might even feel like you are backsliding.

Let me tell you now: You’re doing nothing wrong. It’s all part of the process. When you set an intention to heal (i.e., embrace change, learn, and grow), and take steps to embody more and more of your true self, you call up all the flows in your system that are not yet aligned with your new set point. They come up so you can attend to them and bring everything into integrity. This can look like all your issues surfacing in rapid succession, sometimes in the form of job or relationship loss. You might even wonder why your life is suddenly falling apart.

When this happens, take a breath and remember to trust the process. You are more in control than you think. This is another way of saying “Be careful what you pray for.” More often than not, when I get overwhelmed it is because I specifically asked for a learning, and it shows up in all its glory in very short order (and not in a way I’d hoped or expected ). So if you say, for example, that you want to be a healer, or you want to gain mastery in something, be prepared. (I’m now in the habit of asking for learning to come in the perfect balance of intensity, depth, joy, and gentleness.)

Something similar can happen with Akashic Record readings. We come off the initial high and then a few days later we wonder at the pain and chaos. Believe it or not, it comes as a response to your soul’s calling. Your ego might freak out, but if you find your innermost center of knowing, you can hold space for changing dynamics within and around you. You will know which flows to follow and which to let go.

I firmly believe that all healing is self healing. But I am also convinced that we heal most easily when we have someone to witness and hold space for us. I’m offering my Akashic Records integration package at an open rate for the next couple of months. If you book a reading you can opt in to 30 days of support at whatever price feels right to you!


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