The energetics of mindfulness, pt 420191001181928

The energetics of mindfulness, pt 4

Continuing with our investigation and experiencing of what it really means to “take a conscious breath,” today we’re practicing how to work with the mind so we can begin tapping into our other centers of knowing. After we take our first conscious breaths, turning inward, really holding (not ru...
Holding space20190531095229

Holding space

I think I’ve been talking around this topic for some years now, but yesterday someone asked me what it’s like to hold space for others because she suddenly became aware of how she was holding the energy steady for her whole family during a challenging time. And this is truly the marvelous thing ...
A reminder20190227114929

A reminder

YsetteFebruary 27, 2019Brilliant System, 0
A new client mentioned that she loves my blog because she feels this “divine energy” overcome her when she reads it. I reminded her, as I am now reminding you, that whenever you think you are feeling someone else’s good vibes that is actually your energy that you’re experiencing. What&#...
Doing the work20181018120141

Doing the work

Yesterday I wrote that healing is best approached from an empowered and empowering stance. No one is here to “fix” or “save” anyone else, and if you go around propping up your sense of self worth trying to do this work for others, it’s a sign to turn inward and fin...
All healing is self healing20181017102051

All healing is self healing

All healing is self healing. I say this a lot because it’s true on both sides. The deeper I dive into my own healing process, the deeper my clients are willing to go in their work. The more I work on releasing my fears, the more confident I am that my clients will find their way...


Here’s a small sign that you’ve disconnected from yourself: You’re in a group trying to decide where to eat and you’re like, “Wherever you want.” Maybe you’re thinking “I’m easy.” And that’s fine. But if you get to the restaurant and ...
Akashic Record healing as self healing20181005083238

Akashic Record healing as self healing

I’ve started teaching the Akashic Records study group some of the healing techniques that the Akashic Records have been teaching me for over a year now, and everyone seems just as excited as I am about these new practices! When I first began learning how to deal with trauma as a reader,...
Akashic Record healing20180924105547

Akashic Record healing

A little over three years ago I started learning how to handle trauma within Akashic Record readings. It wasn’t something I was super comfortable with from the get go, and I would freak out a little whenever it came up in a reading. I started praying for ways to empower my clients more, and su...
Creative destruction20180908111538

Creative destruction

Image: Dwight Burdette via Wikimedia Commons Yesterday I wrote about how things often look like they are getting worse before they get better when you undergo a process of healing. During one such period in my life, I connected with my Akashic Records and was basically like wtf? The image they s...
Healing blowback20180907114119

Healing blowback

A funny thing happens when we start or intensify a healing process. The initial shifts we make might feel great, if slightly uncomfortable, but after a period of elation, at some point down the road shit hits the fan. It might even feel like you are backsliding. Let me tell you now: You’re doi...