For most of us, the path of awakening is not a linear progression towards spiritual maturity or enlightenment.

Life takes us through alternating periods of light and dark, confusion and clarity. When we allow our Brilliant System to lead the way, the internal logic of our unique flow begins to emerge, and our inner radiance becomes apparent to us. We recognize ourselves as beings of mystery and mastery, continuously unfolding in surprising and wondrous ways. The very term “spiritual path” is a bit of a misnomer because we aren’t trying to get anywhere. What we are really doing is coming into the fullness of the multidimensional Self, to know and embody what already is.

No matter how hopeless you feel about yourself or your life, the best thing you can do for yourself when you get to these sort of moments is to remember that there is nothing wrong. Challenges are teachers on our journey. Whenever they show up, they present us with an opportunity to discover and align with the truest parts of ourselves and release what no longer serves us. Every challenge we encounter is an invitation to reconnect, explore, or create with our Brilliant System. We do this by finding our center, surrendering to mystery, or stepping into mastery.