Lest I give the impression that being a memory keeper is some out-there, abstract, esoteric thing, let me ground the learning by showing how to work practically with these vibrations. Last week I shared how a very old trigger was activated and the wounding of my teenage self made it difficult for me to plug into my Higher Self. Over the years I’ve collected and trained in many tools for connecting with the Self, yet none of them were shifting the heavy energy. I’ve found that as long as I remain open and manage to maintain even a thread of stillness in my disorientation and desperation, I can receive just the right message or tool by the grace of Spirit.

Such is what happened when I awoke from a nap with the question: “What is true, good, and beautiful NOW?” And because I was still in that liminal state between sleep and wakefulness, my mind didn’t have the chance to put forth its usual defenses, and the answer arose from a deeper place. The guidance arrived in the form of an image—a photograph of high school friends who remain in my life to this day. And as I breathed in the vision, it began to recenter and realign me. I could feel my central channel clear out and ping again, in much the same way it feels when the spine gets realigned.

And then the knowing came pouring back into consciousness: My inner child was looking to be seen and accepted for who she was. The school, being a product of its historical circumstances, fell short on many fronts. Yet in certain respects my teenage self also had little idea who she was and did a lot of hiding. How could she have been fully seen by those she didn’t let close?

And this, too, is true, good, and beautiful: I am safe, happy, and loved in the present. Regardless of how others do or do not see me, I see myself for who I AM and am constantly expanding into the fullness of my Brilliant System. I have all the resources I need to tend to my inner child.

I felt her relax in that knowing. Proof that the shift was deep and true came in two forms:

1. I had energy to engage in what had previously seemed like difficult conversations. The right words just came to me.

2. The triggers that had set me off just days before no longer sent me spinning.

While the personal aspects of the situation were easy to resolve, I continued to wonder about the larger institutional and social implications. What were my obligations? What was in my power to change? I continued to remain open to guidance and that was when I received the fuller download on being a memory keeper.

To be clear, if my high school experiences had been more extreme, or if I were a recent grad or current student, I may have felt the call to participate in enacting more external changes, but I don’t feel that is my role here. You will know your role by how it feels in you. Does it ring a bell for you to be the destroyer of darkness or the creator of the new? Then go and do that with peace, joy, and the fullest of hearts. If, however, you are called simply to remember and honor your being-ness and your connection to All, then blessings be on your path, as well, for your role is just as invaluable to the whole as anyone else’s.


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