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Shedding restriction20200918113830

Shedding restriction

YsetteSeptember 18, 2020
t’s been an intense last few days. On my heart and mind has been the idea of breathing more space into restriction, and just the other day, as I was cleaning up my rock garden, I spotted a really long snakeskin. My husband and I had just been remar...
From forgiveness to apology20200906135106

From forgiveness to apology

YsetteSeptember 6, 2020
When clients ask me about forgiveness, my response is almost always “Don’t force it. When the time is right you will see there is nothing to forgive.” To get to this point, however, you have to come to a place of neutrality—that strong, stabl...
Working with what’s true, good, and beautiful20200810104142

Working with what’s true, good, and beautiful

YsetteAugust 10, 2020
Lest I give the impression that being a memory keeper is some out-there, abstract, esoteric thing, let me ground the learning by showing how to work practically with these vibrations. Last week I shared how a very old trigger was activated and the wo...
Are you a memory keeper, pt 220200807092001

Are you a memory keeper, pt 2

YsetteAugust 7, 2020
Yesterday I started sharing a recent download on being a memory keeper, centering around the notion of the divine Self in all of us. Today I am continuing the transmission by spiraling back to where I began, with the question of destroyer, preserver,...
Are you a memory keeper?20200806114720

Are you a memory keeper?

YsetteAugust 6, 2020
A couple days ago we went hounding for herkimers, and as I was silently moving mud around, searching for treasure, I started mulling over my place in this very strange world. Specifically, I was pondering the fact that all of us come into this planet...
Losing and refinding the self20200805101916

Losing and refinding the self

YsetteAugust 5, 2020
The hardest part of weathering the drama of the last week was waking up each day feeling not myself, and thus being unable to hear my inner voice. When I connected with my Akashic Records, I found paradoxically choppy but stagnant waters, and I could...
What remains20200803100419

What remains

YsetteAugust 3, 2020
Once upon a time, without any warning, I never went back home from summer vacation, and was placed at the very last minute as an international student at an American boarding school. It was a rough first year, but sometime along the way I lost my acc...
Experiencing the web of life20200720114324

Experiencing the web of life

YsetteJuly 20, 2020
Yesterday while rockhounding in a wooded quarry, I felt myself suddenly pulled by a maple. It wasn’t the grandest tree in the place, and there really wasn’t anything about it physically that stood out, but it just felt different to me. I usually ...
Blessings of deer20200710105942

Blessings of deer

YsetteJuly 10, 2020
Earlier this spring I asked the deva of deer to help me find balance and harmony with their booming population. We purposely grow enough veggies to share, and I try to do the same with my hostas by planting offerings on the margins. Used to be that t...
The fruits of my pregnant pause20200610200204

The fruits of my pregnant pause

YsetteJune 10, 2020
Been listening and observing and reconnecting and conversing and recentering and learning and processing. All I will say for now, to keep it brief, is that as a brown-skinned immigrant, I always felt somewhat like an outsider to US history and the co...
Justice for George Floyd20200531123239

Justice for George Floyd

YsetteMay 31, 2020
It’s taken me awhile to gather my thoughts on the killing of George Floyd because his death has brought up a lot of stuff and I didn’t simply want to add obvious anger to the public conversation. I speak only for myself, so don’t take this as m...
Who am I without authority?20200521092919

Who am I without authority?

YsetteMay 21, 2020
“What comes after ambition?” This is the question I held in my fields last year when I started feeling myself being purged of ambition. The answers I got and continue to get are multi-layered, but divesting myself of authority is one of the more ...
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