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Blessings of deer20200710105942

Blessings of deer

YsetteJuly 10, 2020
Earlier this spring I asked the deva of deer to help me find balance and harmony with their booming population. We purposely grow enough veggies to share, and I try to do the same with my hostas by planting offerings on the margins. Used to be that t...
The fruits of my pregnant pause20200610200204

The fruits of my pregnant pause

YsetteJune 10, 2020
Been listening and observing and reconnecting and conversing and recentering and learning and processing. All I will say for now, to keep it brief, is that as a brown-skinned immigrant, I always felt somewhat like an outsider to US history and the co...
Justice for George Floyd20200531123239

Justice for George Floyd

YsetteMay 31, 2020
It’s taken me awhile to gather my thoughts on the killing of George Floyd because his death has brought up a lot of stuff and I didn’t simply want to add obvious anger to the public conversation. I speak only for myself, so don’t take this as m...
Who am I without authority?20200521092919

Who am I without authority?

YsetteMay 21, 2020
“What comes after ambition?” This is the question I held in my fields last year when I started feeling myself being purged of ambition. The answers I got and continue to get are multi-layered, but divesting myself of authority is one of the more ...
Stillness, motion, balance20200504121720

Stillness, motion, balance

YsetteMay 4, 2020
Over the winter my learning around balance found new ground in our community yoga practice. Even in Vinyasa classes, where transitions are important, most yoga teachers tend to focus on getting students to experience the fullest expression of an asan...
Take your place at the table of creation20200422111123

Take your place at the table of creation

YsetteApril 22, 2020
Long, long ago I got confirmed in the Catholic Church on Earth Day, and at the time I felt there was something significant about the coincidence, but it’s taken me decades to come to it. Last year, when I felt the call to build a garden—I mean a ...
Surrender to mystery with grace20200413110315

Surrender to mystery with grace

YsetteApril 13, 2020
I may have mentioned before how the Hermit card regularly comes up for me, signaling or confirming an instinct to turn inward for an extended period. Yet surprisingly, the card I’ve been drawing with startling consistency during lockdown has been t...
Why “manifestation mantra”?20200411124722

Why “manifestation mantra”?

YsetteApril 11, 2020
Last year I started teaching a process of graceful change and expansion that I have been doing for myself since 2015. I call it “manifestation mantra” because that is the name that came to me from Spirit, but to be honest I find it a bit misleadi...
A heart like the sun, pt 220200410162132

A heart like the sun, pt 2

YsetteApril 10, 2020
Earlier this year my 2020 manifestation mantra came to me as I was chipping old paint off a door: “A heart like the sun.” It came in on rays of yellow and orange, so I set up a crystal grid with those colors, including a tarot and oracle card tha...
Shared breath20200405190635

Shared breath

YsetteApril 5, 2020
Yesterday I had the joy of sharing breath and heart space with two magnificent beings: a pine tree and my Gramps. What a heart field this pine had. I could barely speak while feeling its energy. I could feel it even 20 feet away, and it was very hard...
You are the river meeting the ocean20200401122606

You are the river meeting the ocean

YsetteApril 1, 2020
This morning in that liminal state between sleep and wakefulness I felt myself join the waters of planet, but in such a way that I sensed their connection and their wholeness. I felt, in other words, how the sweet waters eventually flowed into the sa...
Good riddance20200331110304

Good riddance

YsetteMarch 31, 2020
About two and a half years ago I wrote about how challenging it was to stomach the mounting stream of natural disasters around our planet. Yet what kept coming back to me was this recurring vision that always gave me very odd comfort: a young woman s...
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