Yesterday I talked about how all healing is self healing, which is why I like to keep a bit of distance between myself and the label of healer. There is another aspect to this truth: Life has shown me, and the Akashic Records have taught me directly and in my work with others, that the path of the healer entails perpetual self healing.

Someone once explained this by informing me that Persephone was a dominant archetype in my life. She shows up in my work with people going through deep transition and dark times. And the reason I am a compassionate and effective “guide for lost souls” is because I myself undertake the journey to the underworld with regularity. I can navigate my way around unafraid.

I used to wonder when all the learning experiences would stop so that I could just take a breather and “live like a normal person” for awhile (whatever that meant). But at a deeper level I understand that my soul calls in the learning, and now I see tremendous beauty in my periodic retreats. In these sacred times, I know I am building the wisdom, experience, knowledge, and intuition to support others in their journeys.

People sometimes ask how they can become a healer, but they often carry the assumption that healing is done from some golden place above the fray that they somehow reach at the end of their own healing journey. Oh no. Being a healer means you are never “done.” And when that news doesn’t deflate you, but actually inspires and uplifts you, that is a sign that you’re ready.

(Today’s image is from one of my favorite books from childhood: D’Aulaire’s Book of Greek Mythology.“)


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