Yesterday I started sharing a recent download on being a memory keeper, centering around the notion of the divine Self in all of us. Today I am continuing the transmission by spiraling back to where I began, with the question of destroyer, preserver, and creator energies in the context of current events.

Some of us are on the front lines of action, literally saving lives, actively tearing down old ways that no longer serve us, and implementing new ways of doing things. Some of us are on the front lines of ideas, dreaming up new possibilities for whatever future we are birthing.

But maybe you are like me, and sometimes you feel like the little drummer boy at the nativity. Perhaps you feel yourself somewhat on the sidelines, waiting for your call to service, but feeling yourself short on know-how, resources, ideas, or whatever else it is you imagine others have in buckets. Have you ever considered that you are on the front lines of the subtle energetic realms?

A little while ago, a mentor told me that one of my gifts was the ability to hold the energy of the highest potential. Just by BE-ing, I function as a catalyst so others can transmute their darkness to light and so transform. I remember my ego being disappointed to hear that much of this work is done below the radar of consciousness, often without those involved being aware of my participation in their transformation—myself included.

Maybe like me you are a memory keeper, and you have been overlooking, underestimating, or misunderstanding the significance of your place in the world. Maybe you keep trying to earn your spot, justify your existence, fix what’s broken, make things better, or “change the world” only by doing rather than participating and co-creating simply by being.

When things seem to get really rough and ugly, I have to make peace all over again with the fact that I may never know my impact, and to simply rest in the knowing that I am an indispensable, irreplaceable part of the whole, just as you are, just as we all are, without exception.

What fields and flows and encodings of light are you gracefully tapped into? Do you wake up joyful for no reason at all? Can you move through contrast and change with equanimity? Perhaps you are one of the powerful ones learning and modeling unconditional love in polarity. Or maybe you have found the unconditional wellspring of absolute freedom and radical equality within.

// Take a breath. //

What memories do you hold, not so much in the vaults of your mind or your ancestral history, but in your body, your spiritual DNA? This is your cosmic wisdom coming alive, and it points to the future you are actively imagining and birthing. Hear this now: You are a source of divine light and you are grounding heaven on earth. Yes, even as you “do nothing” but be utterly your Self.


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