Discover your brilliant system

Photo of the Amazon River flowing through the Amazon rainforest from NASA used with permission.

Within each and everything in creation, animate or “inanimate,” flows a luminous stream of divine wisdom. It is the Brilliant System that gives plant life knowledge of where the sun shines and where the waters flow. It inspires the creatures of land, sea, and air to live and move in perfect harmony with their environments.

Humans, too, are equipped with a Brilliant System that naturally harmonizes with all the flows of life. The miracle of our biological being-ness is only part of the bigger picture of our true nature. Just like everything else, we are equipped to align with our highest good—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually—and participate in the oneness of life.

If we feel disconnected from wisdom and love, it is because we are also graced with free will and drink heavily from the River Lethe. So first we have to remember who we really are, and then make a conscious choice to connect continuously to the multidimensional Self and allow it to be our guide.

Trusting our higher wisdom and the perfection of life, we open to synchronicity and find ourselves increasingly in the right place, at the right time, ready to receive, create, and participate. What we used to regard as fixed limits—including the experience of time and space—begin to reveal themselves as illusions, as doorways disguised as walls.

Guided by our Brilliant System, we come into new states of being with such ease and grace that we wonder how we ever felt so far removed from our own bottomless source of peace, love, and wisdom. When faced with uncertainty, we trust that clarity will come to us in the fullness of time. We step into our power by embodying more and more of our soul’s essence and bringing its radiant presence into all aspects of our life.

Connecting with your Brilliant System requires two simple but infinitely profound steps. It begins with conscious intention and is sustained by breath.

Living from the Brilliant System means finding balance, presence, and truth in your strong, stable center, and moving flexibly and playfully between mystery and mastery on the spiraling path of life.

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