A couple days ago we went hounding for herkimers, and as I was silently moving mud around, searching for treasure, I started mulling over my place in this very strange world. Specifically, I was pondering the fact that all of us come into this planet with various mixtures of divine destroyer, preserver, and creator energy.

I know, for example, that Pele walks with me and endows me with the ability to burn down aspects of myself and my life for regeneration. And in recent years I’ve been learning to acknowledge myself as a creative being. But I hadn’t been able to connect as fully with the preserver in me because the concept would bring up notions of holding onto old ways and I do not regard myself as a traditionalist.

In this frame, I was wondering what would be useful for me to bring forward, especially in light of what recently came up in relation to my boarding school experience—only one small part of a much larger social dynamic. In external situations I personally find that if I lean too heavily into the energy of the destroyer, I feel myself falling into righteousness, which never sits well in my body because it is too close a cousin to anger. Yet if I try to force creation, and think up ways that institutions might better honor the individual and heal the community, my mind gets bogged down with details, and my heart sinks at the prospect of doing this by policy and the policing of hearts, minds, language, and bodies.

Ankle-deep in mud, yet convinced I was surrounded by hidden treasure, I continued to ask, What is my role in this new world? How can I help? “You are a memory keeper.” The words stunned me because it had been almost a week since I’d been able to hear my inner voice. I put my garden fork down and took a breath to honor the connection, take the message in, and expand more fully into the knowing, even as my mind swirled with questions: What is a memory keeper? What memories am I keeping? What does “keeping” even mean in this context?

It means, above all, keeping a memory of the divine Self. It is remembering that I AM a source of unconditional joy, unconditional love, unconditional peace. I remember the true, the good, and the beautiful in the midst of turmoil and uncertainty. I remember that these gifts and abilities are shared by all, without exception.

You are just as fully sourced as anyone else, regardless of your personal attributes, circumstances, and history. And to know this truly and deeply of yourself is to recognize this in everyone else, no matter their words, actions, or appearance, no matter how tempting it is for you to be judgmental, righteous, or defensive in these polarized times. If we cannot recognize this truth in others, we will always doubt and make these gifts conditional in ourselves. And that is what it means to forget, to be asleep in your consciousness, to be blind to your power.

// Take a breath. //

Are you a memory keeper? What memories do you keep for the collective? How do you ground those truths in your own life, and in so doing ground them into the planet, making it easier for others to access? What are you remembering NOW?

It is so nice to be channeling messages again. More soon.


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