More than an intuitive development course, Akashic Records mentoring helps you establish a form of spiritual practice that cuts to the marrow of your being. If you have been challenged to bring the zen of your meditation practice into your personal or professional life, or to take your yoga practice “off the mat,” this is for you! One of my specialties is integration, so if you study with me, you will be called to ground the skills of breath, intention, and focus—on top of whatever guidance and support you receive from your Records—into your daily existence.

This is not the path for those looking to be puffed up by the possession of “special abilities.” Akashic Records work is not an impressive parlor trick, nor will it give you “privileged access” to other people’s truths. There is very little room for the ego to hide for very long when you consistently and whole-heartedly lay your soul bare within the energetic flow of the Records. Whatever is not in alignment with your inner light of truth will come up to be shifted, released, and integrated for deep healing.

I first came to the Akashic Records looking for a personal process of discernment. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, and desperately wanted to be able to find answers to life’s biggest questions. Because I had shut down so many of my natural abilities, I came to this work assuming I had no intuitive skills. That was simply one of the many limiting beliefs I was called to identify and release as I deepened into the work. And the more I lightened up, the more I discovered just how much fun connecting with the Records can be.

I found that with earnest dedication, my relationship with the Akashic Records blossomed in so many unexpected ways. I work with them in my own distinct way. With time and effort, I can help you begin to identify your particular strengths and unique gifts within the Records, so you can bring your utterly unique practice into the world in service to yourself and others.

Akashic Records mentoring is available to established clients who have received at least one Akashic Records session from me. I do not offer a canned curriculum, but instead respond to students’ interests, abilities, and flow. Mentoring is available for individual or group study.

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