An Akashic Records session is a sacred event where we come together to tap into your soul’s unique flow. My general sessions range from being traditional “intuitive readings” where I channel guidance, to healing sessions where you engage more actively, to sound healings or silent energetic transmissions that invite deep receptivity, to a mixture of some or all of the above. Trust that your higher wisdom comes through in the way that serves you best.

From my perspective, an Akashic Records session provides a “thicker” atmosphere than a Brilliant Systems session. The latter can feel comparatively spare because your own higher knowing does the lion’s share of the work, while in an Akashic Records session the presence of your spirit guides tends to be more palpable. Be forewarned, however, that while I am always an active presence in Akashic Records sessions, your guides and your own higher Self may direct me to ask you some questions.

My unique process was gifted to me when I asked for a way to engage clients more profoundly in the energy of the Records. As compared to many other readers, I don’t consider myself to have privileged access to your Akashic Records. You will experience them first-hand for yourself. This is not a like psychic reading where you get to lay back while someone else does all the work for you. All healing is ultimately self healing so this is an active practice. Even when I channel guidance, you will be led through a process of discernment in order for you to determine for yourself how to interpret it and what is right for you to take in and act upon.

I love offering Akashic Records sessions because quite literally anything can happen! This is one of the most fertile growing edges in my life, personally and professionally speaking. I not only learn from the wisdom from the Akashic Records and benefit from being in its higher vibration, but my practice continually expands into areas far beyond the more traditional “Akashic Record readings” I started offering as a novice. The Akashic Records are a source of endless surprise, which I find both illuminating and delightful! It is a joy to experience them with others.


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