We may be what’s born in the dark, but like the seedling that pokes through the soil and the butterfly that stretches its wings in the sun, we are beckoned by the light. As human beings, our evolution is more complex. When we are called to mastery, it is never via a predetermined, predictable course of education or training. We are not granted mastery by external authorities with titles and certifications. This isn’t about proving anything to anyone. There is no forcing, feigning, or fast-tracking true mastery. The call to mastery will threaten the safety of the ego, rather than puff it up. But if we ignore the call, we can also suffer the consequences of resisting our radiant, inner flow. You hide from mastery at your peril.

Mastery is something we claim for ourselves. When we recognize our own mastery, we can’t help but exude it from the center of our being.

We do this by bringing forward our soul essence as fully as possible, so we are a perfectly balanced merging of the spiritual and physical, masculine and feminine, mystery and mastery. Our unique life circumstances are the ideal crucible for this alchemical process to take place. When we step into mastery we understand exactly why we had to undergo the challenges we did because we bring to bear everything that we have ever experienced to birth our genius.

This brilliance is not merely the product of human intellect, but born of a joyful co-creation with Spirit.

Because we are infinite and eternal, stepping into our power is not a final destination. We may occasionally feel like we have “gotten over the hump,” but we know better than to rest on our laurels because our next dance with mystery is always around the corner.