Finding your center tunes you into your Brilliant System.

Centering is the most fundamental life skill to learn and master because your built-in, bottomless well of resources and guidance—i.e., your Brilliant System—is accessed from the center of your being. This is simple but not always easy, because you are a dynamic, limitless, multidimensional being. Your center of balance is always shifting.

The very first step toward centering is drawing all your energy away from external points of reference back into your inner flow. When you bring your attention to the here and now, you begin to hold space for your current state of being within the larger container of your signature vibration. Also called your “home frequency,” this aspect of yourself becomes your spiritual haven if you choose to return to it whenever you are thrown off balance by disharmonious thoughts and feelings and challenging circumstances.

Centering is a life-long practice. In many ways it is the perennnial first step because it is the sine qua non of both surrendering to mystery and stepping into mastery.