My manifestation mantra process offers a way of aligning yourself with your desired state of being with ease and grace. While it might share a certain fundamental perspective with the Law of Attraction—insofar as I believe that our vibratory state determines how we experience our lives—this is not about “placing an order with the Universe” for a new car or job or relationship. Rather than getting caught up in what we do or don’t see in our physical lives, we place our attention at the higher level of our Brilliant System.

Manifestation mantras are about embodying more and more of your higher Self, and moving through your life in alignment with its truth—in other words, living from your Brilliant System. Because you consistently breathe yourself back to center into wholeness, everything you think, say, and do is born of this vital energy. Your mantra will bring you into alignment with your life force and into the experience of synchronicity in the flow of life.

It bears emphasizing that this process sprung organically from my the matrix of my life, at a time when I was so burned out and in grief that I had no energy to engage anyone else’s healing services. The manifestation mantra process, in short, is a product of my own Brilliant System. Without knowing it at the time, I started healing myself when my very first mantra came to me. Over the years, my mantras have taught me how to work with my brilliant system and move with grace through the spiral of life.

Each year my mantra brings me more than I could ever imagine, and I’ve been inspired to share this process generously.

HOW DO I GET MY MANTRA? You can call your very own mantra in! The manifestation mantra process consists of four simple steps:

  1. Connect with your Brilliant System.
  2. Ask your higher mind to show you your learning edge.
  3. Call in your mantra.
  4. Ask your physical mind to hold an intention to remain in alignment.

I give more detailed instructions in my manifestation mantra post series below. They are a series of channeled writings written in a spiraling fashion to provide clearings along the way through a spiraling structure. I recommend reading the series all the way through and giving it a go yourself. Followers on Instagram experienced shifts simply by reading along, and many were able to move through the entire process on their own, healing old trauma.

CAN I GET SOME HELP WITH THIS? Let me hold space for you as you connect with your Brilliant System and undergo your mantra process. I also support you in related clearing work.

Brilliant Self

Yay! [Y]our guidance and steps to my ‘brilliant self’ … helped me recall many moments when I’ve been in this state and now I want to live fully in this place of Self.

Lee Russell

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Living in the flow

When you develop skills in channeling the flow—whether that looks like intuitive readings, healing, yoga, creative / performance arts, etc.—you learn to strike a perfect balance between the masculine and the feminine, acting and receiving. You show up with a question or intention to learn or move in a certain […]

From the matrix of life

Yesterday I started describing my annual process for setting a mantra and intention (not a “resolution”) for the new year. I have taught it cursorily before to Dreamers and Schemers, but the profundity of it opened up for me recently. And so this morning I realized that I will be spiraling around the topic […]

Connecting with life force 101

I’ve been sharing a gentle, soulful way of bringing about magnitudes of transformation while coming from wholeness. This post series are not merely informational; they are energetic transmissions. And I am helping clear some countercurrents while building the energetic foundation for the process. So take a breath before reading on […]

Finding your learning edge

Yesterday I shared how taking a conscious breath connects you to your brilliant system and brings you more in touch with your inner flow. So if you have been thinking that my process for transformation is only for those who have deep meditation practices, or are naturally intuitive, or are not struggling in life, you […]

How are you showing up?

Yesterday I promised to share how to call forth a mantra, but this morning I was guided to explain what I meant about doing it from the place of “where you stand and how you are showing up for life.” So take a breath to connect to your brilliant system and […]

Calling in a mantra

If you’ve been following this series, you will have already learned how to connect to your brilliant system with conscious breath and let your Higher Self take an energetic account of how you are showing up for life. Your learning edge is where you sense a gap between full presence—full connection with your […]


This process I have been sharing of using your Brilliant System to bring about huge transformation is simple, gentle, and full of grace, but it takes a truckload of trust to really commit to it wholeheartedly. Especially in the beginning and during challenging times, your mind will up the ante […]

The mind’s intention

I’ve been sharing my my new year’s transformation process which requires no striving to become something you aren’t, no forcing yourself to do things you think you “should,” no “trying to motivate” yourself to bring about your soul’s deepest desires. It involves three very simple, gentle, accessible steps, and today I am […]

Graceful transformation

Before Christmas I shared my process for manifesting magnitudes of transformation in your life without feeling like you have to reach for something outside yourself or having to engage in all the mental gymnastics of the Law of Attraction. I used to wonder at the magic of this process, which arose organically from my darkest […]


The very first year I was inspired to work with a paired mantra and intention was 2015. In 2014 my dad died and I worked myself to burnout trying to cope with my grief. I knew my learning edge was to figure out self care as a matter of survival, but I had no idea […]


Since the paired mantra and intention process worked so well for me in 2015, I gave it another go the following year. When I leaned energetically into my learning edge what I noticed was that there was quite a disparity between how others saw me, how I felt when I […]


Photo credit: Brian Rowe I’ve been sharing the details of my own engagement with this process of using a paired mantra and intention for manifestation and transformation because I want to show how it all arises organically from one’s life circumstances. This isn’t about the mind deciding what seems “good” or impressive or convenient to have, […]


This past year was the fourth year running that I worked with a paired mantra and intention for manifesting and transformation, and it was the most magical by far. If you’ve been following this series, you’ll have seen how I gently stair stepped my way from the darkest period of […]

Caveat and tips

For the last two weeks I’ve been sharing a gentle, accessible process for transformation and manifestation of new states of being as an alternative to the comparatively harsh, effortful, and dispiriting practice of New Year’s resolutions. At this point it feels right to warn you that though this process is simple, its power should not be […]

Manifestation mantra testimonial

I have been feeling and experiencing an influx of supporting energies streaming in for myself and my clients for the new year. All you have to do is ask and open to receive, clear, and align. I’ve been getting some thrilling reports on folks who are trying out my manifestation mantra process […]


The clearest intention I held going into this retreat was simply to see where my inner flow would take me. Frankly, I wasn’t prepared for the strength of the inward pull and merely thought I was taking advantage of a coincidence of external circumstances that made this retreat possible. (As if life doesn’t deliver just what […]

You are already connected

I’ve been having fun helping people bring in their manifestation mantra this past month and I asked permission to share a case study. This individual was new to my work but had read through the entire mantra post series and really resonated with the idea of manifesting a higher state of […]

I am here

Last week I shared how someone started off her manifestation mantra process by connecting to her Higher Self for her learning edge, which showed how she was showing up for life hunched over, apologizing for her existence. I then had her feel into the gap between her Higher Self and […]

You can fly

I’ve been sharing a manifestation mantra process where someone saw that she was showing up to life in an apologetic, crouched position. Her Higher Self brought her to the top of the Himalayas and told her, “You’re already here.” She got that “I’m here” was the mantra she could use […]

Trust yourself

Lately I’ve been sharing a client’s learning edge (showing up for life energetically crouched over, apologizing for her existence) and her mantra (“I’m here”), which shows her she doesn’t need to strive for anything and fills her with the feeling of freedom in flight. To round off her manifestation mantra […]

Mantra check-in

We’ve rounded out the first quarter of the year, and I’ve been taking stock of what my manifestation mantra has brought into my awareness and life thus far. My 2019 mantra is “to align myself with Source,” and it’s been been surprisingly different working with it. Not sure why I […]

No urgency

For the last month I’ve been struggling to put into words how odd it’s been with my manifestation mantra process this year. Yesterday I mentioned how I started off years ago from a place of wanting to fix what seemed broken or fill what seemed missing. Then last year I […]


try to move forward to piece together everything I’ve been sitting with for the last couple months, but I find myself circling back, spiraling again, around an idea of then and now. I keep saying how 2018 was something of an inflection point for me. One of the biggest pieces […]

In process

I’ve been wondering why it’s been so challenging for me to get this post series out and yet feel the need to do this now instead of waiting for the flow, as I usually do. There is something here tied to what I’ve been going through and which also harkens […]

Soaking in the sun

Like a seedling waiting to be put out after the last frost, all spring I’d been craving a day warm enough to spend fully outdoors. Yesterday I finally got my wish, and as I was staring at the sky admiring some swallows, I caught sight of a huge blur in […]


In an exchange with @lauraleerussell on my last post I remarked how my encounter with the swallows and the eagle the other day evoked something my Akashic Records asked me years ago about why I kept choosing to be a hummingbird when I could also choose to be a condor, lord […]

All that and a bag of chips

Do people even say this any more? No idea, but when I went inward to ask for the energy of living in paradox to make itself clearer for communication purposes, this is what playfully stepped forward: “I AM ALL THAT and a bag of chips.” It makes me giggle and […]

The more I know, the more I don’t know

Here’s another paradox that started rearing its head in grad school. Back then it was dispiriting. It was more like, “The more I learn, the more my ignorance becomes apparent to me.” I was trying to fill myself up with knowledge because not knowing felt like the worst thing in […]

Effort and ease

Still deep in my learning about paradox and yesterday another one came to mind and brought a visceral experience with it. I’ve been taking voice lessons for the past couple of months, and my teacher was coaxing me to a high C. I wasn’t sure if I could hit it, […]

Sound and balance

What a funny few weeks it’s been. I felt such an influx of energy, knowing, and inspiration during the first quarter of the year, and then some time in May I felt myself go back into the Void. In this quiet space I just wanted to do two things. One […]

Love is a field

A couple of years ago I started experiencing the One Breath that animates All That Is, and then I started feeling my heart joined to the One Heart. It is a little different from connecting to the heart of Source, because for me it is the feeling of being joined […]

About space, not time

This morning I woke up with a little nugget of clarity: I am currently spinning the biggest cocoon for myself that I have ever spun in my whole life. I knew that I’d been sitting in the mystery for some weeks now and had long passed the usual phase of […]

Ask to see your light

As I was working through my “stuff” a few years ago, I would periodically ask to see my Shadow. It’s a good skill to hone, being a shadow whisperer. As with feral cats, the shadow must be coaxed persistently yet gently. It always appears of my asking, but in its […]

Where I’m at

A little over a month ago I pulled some sacred geometry oracle cards to see where the energy was flowing for me. I got Universal Love and Earth and was all, “Yeah, yeah, tell me something I don’t know.” (Meaning, if things are going so well for me, why the […]

To be a cat

There was a time when I would lament—and by that I mean cry like a baby—that I wasn’t a cat. It’s a running joke now, but I‘m serious. This was early on in my dark night of grief and burnout. I would look at these two magnificent creatures who wandered […]


I’ve been sitting with a bit of a mystery this week, where words / images / feelings related to “cocoon” or “birth canal” will pop into my consciousness during meditation or daily life, as if I needed reminding that I’m in a hermit phase. I go into these phases periodically, […]

A heart like the sun

Yesterday I spent much of my day scraping off paint, a rather monotonous task that nevertheless gives me occasion for mindfulness practice. As I worked through several layers of paint, I was noticing various thoughts and feelings pass in and out of awareness. One such thought was how this year […]

What comes after ambition

You might recall how I’ve been sitting with the question “What comes after ambition?” At the time of asking, I honestly had no idea. I was simply befuddled by its absence and wondering at my so-called indifference to all the things that used to preoccupy me, some of which I […]

You can breathe light

Late last night I received a text with news about a passing in the family. And recently folks have been talking to me about quitting their jobs and not having a plan. You can say 2020 has made quite a dramatic entrance. Last month I started writing about this expansiveness […]

You are the river

Yesterday’s message was “You can breathe light,” and today’s is “You are the river.” At heart they speak to the same truth. But maybe one will resonate for you more than the other, or perhaps each will awaken different knowings and corners of your being. The image of the river […]

A heart like the sun, pt 2

Earlier this year my 2020 manifestation mantra came to me as I was chipping old paint off a door: “A heart like the sun.” It came in on rays of yellow and orange, so I set up a crystal grid with those colors, including a tarot and oracle card that […]

Why “manifestation mantra”?

Last year I started teaching a process of graceful change and expansion that I have been doing for myself since 2015. I call it “manifestation mantra” because that is the name that came to me from Spirit, but to be honest I find it a bit misleading. Most people see […]

Surrender to mystery with grace

I may have mentioned before how the Hermit card regularly comes up for me, signaling or confirming an instinct to turn inward for an extended period. Yet surprisingly, the card I’ve been drawing with startling consistency during lockdown has been the High Priestess. She taps into the magic that lies […]

Justice for George Floyd

It’s taken me awhile to gather my thoughts on the killing of George Floyd because his death has brought up a lot of stuff and I didn’t simply want to add obvious anger to the public conversation. I speak only for myself, so don’t take this as my opinion on […]

Blessings of deer

Earlier this spring I asked the deva of deer to help me find balance and harmony with their booming population. We purposely grow enough veggies to share, and I try to do the same with my hostas by planting offerings on the margins. Used to be that they munched a […]

What remains

Once upon a time, without any warning, I never went back home from summer vacation, and was placed at the very last minute as an international student at an American boarding school. It was a rough first year, but sometime along the way I lost my accented English, found a […]

Losing and refinding the self

The hardest part of weathering the drama of the last week was waking up each day feeling not myself, and thus being unable to hear my inner voice. When I connected with my Akashic Records, I found paradoxically choppy but stagnant waters, and I couldn’t find the flow. There was […]

Are you a memory keeper?

A couple days ago we went hounding for herkimers, and as I was silently moving mud around, searching for treasure, I started mulling over my place in this very strange world. Specifically, I was pondering the fact that all of us come into this planet with various mixtures of divine […]

Are you a memory keeper, pt 2

Yesterday I started sharing a recent download on being a memory keeper, centering around the notion of the divine Self in all of us. Today I am continuing the transmission by spiraling back to where I began, with the question of destroyer, preserver, and creator energies in the context of […]

Working with what’s true, good, and beautiful

Lest I give the impression that being a memory keeper is some out-there, abstract, esoteric thing, let me ground the learning by showing how to work practically with these vibrations. Last week I shared how a very old trigger was activated and the wounding of my teenage self made it […]

From forgiveness to apology

When clients ask me about forgiveness, my response is almost always “Don’t force it. When the time is right you will see there is nothing to forgive.” To get to this point, however, you have to come to a place of neutrality—that strong, stable, yet expansive space within. From your […]

Shedding restriction

t’s been an intense last few days. On my heart and mind has been the idea of breathing more space into restriction, and just the other day, as I was cleaning up my rock garden, I spotted a really long snakeskin. My husband and I had just been remarking how […]

The promise of patience

With the changing of the seasons I’ve been spending more time tending my houseplants than my garden. I’ve been watching—with utmost patience—fallen leaves form new leaves from the wound. I’ve been seeing how new growth unfurls in a spiraling motion. I’ve been marveling at how new life depends upon the […]

Hold your center

Yesterday morning the first thing that entered my consciousness was a blast of mixed emotions. The next thing that entered my consciousness was the fact that I was still in dream state. As pure awareness, I was traveling the world and experiencing the thoughts and feelings of the collective. Here […]

Be-ing in uncertainty

I’ve been feeling this message building for some time now but it’s taken me awhile to get around to it because it feels so weighty, as if I could write endlessly and still not fully transmit the essence of it. Yet this morning I woke up with the knowing that […]