I’ve been writing about reading prep, and today I wanted to add that sometimes I use that time to set a very clear intention for a session. My opening invocation for the Akashic Records naturally sets an intention, but in some cases I feel the need to be more emphatic.

Recently I had someone request a follow up to what had been a really intense trauma healing a month prior. This time around I was feeling the energy of the evening reading building all day long and I was getting a bit worked up about it. It had taken me a couple days to shake off our last session (usually I do this in minutes), and this felt like a tidal wave building all over again.

To prepare for this reading, I connected to my Records and set the intention that the client’s soul would lead the healing (“she heals herself”), and that I would do whatever was required of me to support that process. That and my client texting me that she didn’t expect our next session to solve all her problems at once brought me to a state of calm.

During the reading my client did about 90% of the talking directly with her Akashic Records. I would receive confirmation, or a question or image that enabled her to shift. I see it as simply holding space for her to heal in her own way. In the end the client saw that she was capable of healing herself and coming to her own truth, and that she could stand to step back from relying on others to do that work for her.

I’ve been called a healer by some of my clients and colleagues, but I never claim that label for myself because I firmly believe all healing is self healing. I am a holder of space, a channel for the guidance that your soul calls forth from the Akashic Records and the depths of your being. If I ever say or do anything that appears to cause a shift in you, it is because your soul is open and ready for it. You call the healing forth and you receive it in your own good time. My intention as a reader is always to follow your highest intention for healing or guidance.


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