WHAT ARE THE AKASHIC RECORDS? Any intuitive or healing modality works via the unified field of consciousness, and the Akashic Records is simply one way of denoting that we are focusing on the flow of your individual soul to guide our inquiry. Akashic” comes from the Sanskrit word akasha, or ether. The Akashic Records are the energetic or etheric records of everything that ever was, is, and will be. The most popular or conventional way of thinking about the Records is as a cosmic library that houses the Book of Life for each individual soul. In my experience, however, this is simply a metaphor to help our human mind understand something that is infinite, eternal, ever-changing, and ever-expanding. Although the Records exist in a higher realm, they are not outside you. They are accessible everywhere, including within you, because they are baked into your spiritual DNA. If you attune to the Akashic Records without any preconceptions of what they are and how they should appear to you, then you will experience them uniquely, and in the most expansive way, each and every time.

The more I work with the Akashic Records, the more I understand that it is less about accessing some “thing” or “place,” or even about connecting with specific spiritual guides, than it is about being wholly present and creating within myself that sacred space by which I can naturally and effortless know everything that I need to know for my soul’s evolution at the perfect “time” and “place” in the eternal Now.


I cannot say what was most helpful or relevant, as I think the Whole reading was an extraordinary experience. […] I have learned a lot about my self, and I have already benefitted from this experience, as I have learned to trust my self, and actually love myself, even though I know the road is still long. I have finally found my way home to my soul, and now I am ready to fly. Thank you.

Mai-Britt Hansen

The visuals were very helpful. I receive information in terms of images, so it was very useful to have the images during the reading. She did a great job expressing what she thought they meant and the conversation was very helpful as we went through with the questions. My reading gave me a lot of insight into areas of my life that I had questions about. Through imagery, I was able to understand what [Ysette] was trying to express. Thank you so much!

Lisa Cooner

I have a very strong connection with my dog but often wondered if I could do a better job communicating with my ‘best friend’. Ysette and I set a time for 30-min consultation via skype. Ysette was great at explaining the process of accessing the records and creating an environment of trust, respect and understanding prior to the start of our session and I felt completely at ease with Ysette as my guide. It was a very insightful session for me and I have learned a lot as well as was able to reaffirm some of my thoughts. I’m very grateful to Ysette for creating this opportunity for me to get a deeper understanding of my relationship with my dog and I would recommend her as a knowledgeable and sensitive guide in this very delicate process.

New York, NY

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