Last year I started teaching a process of graceful change and expansion that I have been doing for myself since 2015. I call it “manifestation mantra” because that is the name that came to me from Spirit, but to be honest I find it a bit misleading. Most people see “manifestation” and think “law of attraction” or “the Secret.” But this isn’t about your mind cooking up an idea of what your life should look like and then ordering it from some cosmic catalog. This does not involve a bunch of steps that you have to follow and track assiduously.

With the manifestation mantra process, you are not hustling or waiting for things to “manifest” to make your life complete according to your ego’s desires. The physical mind has a very limited view, so what I set an intention to do every year is to connect with what wants to flow from the deepest or (if you prefer, but don’t let the term trip you up) “highest” part of myself I can access.

We do not find the vibratory key of your mantra via mental investigation. So do not go, “Hm, I really want a dream house. What does that actually mean and symbolize to me? Security? Beauty? Abundance?” We start not with the physical mind but the soul’s calling, which you will likely feel in your heart or gut, in your bones, or in your dreams. If it is just a whisper, use your inhale to blow on those embers and let it grow till it fills you up. Let that deep, soul-based desire—once you feel it in every cell and fiber of your being—call forth your mantra. This is the “attraction” part, I suppose, the query that automatically and immediately brings a response.

It is a “mantra” because mine come through as words and sound (though last year I was less inspired to verbalize my mantra, and this year my mantra came with colors). It is a vibratory experience, so if your primary subtle energetic skill is image-based, use that. Let your mantra come to you without expectations of what it should be or how it should look like.

It might surprise you, but you will recognize it without a doubt through its resonance. It will feel like home, or like falling in love. Your mantra will feel that irresistible to you. It might even give you a visceral reaction. This is why it’s so easy to use. I find affirmations to be mostly a bunch of pretty words used to fill perceived areas of lack. Mantras will weave their energy into the very fabric of your being if you give them permission and conscious awareness. Even in my darkest days, when I was trying to “fix all my problems,” my mantra work was about learning, reinforcing, realigning, and expanding. It was the most graceful and most rewarding part of my healing journey.

This is a very gentle process, and you will not have to get control-freakish about practice and results. All your mantra needs is your soft gaze and open heart. It can be fun to track confirmations, and there is definite magic in how specifically your mantra will keep reminding you it is working for you. But don’t search for those moments and let them distract you. What is vital is that you feel the shifts.

“Manifesting” in this context means anchoring new and expansive energies into your body and energetic fields, and also the body and fields of the planet. You are making Spirit manifest in the dense physical realm. In other words, you are grounding divinity, presence, life force, love, and light. You are transmitting and translating those energies through your breath, thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. You are breathing an entirely new state of being into existence and then embodying it as fully as possible.

Sometimes I try to get ahead of my mantras and anticipate what they will bring and how. I am never right. I always underestimate their power. The first year I did this, I assumed that “to rest in the palm of God” would teach me about self care, but I not only learned to rest deeply; I remembered how to play.

This is a very easy process that produces powerful results within weeks, and you can revisit last year’s #manifestationmantra post series for more instruction. I am also offering free manifestation mantra sessions again for the time being. There has never been a better time to connect with your Brilliant System. The manifestation mantra was my introduction to mine. Perhaps it can be yours. Contact me if it calls to you!


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