WHAT ARE THE AKASHIC RECORDS? Any intuitive or healing modality works via the unified field of consciousness, and the Akashic Records is simply one way of denoting that we are focusing on the flow of your individual soul to guide our inquiry. Akashic” comes from the Sanskrit word akasha, or ether. The Akashic Records are the energetic or etheric records of everything that ever was, is, and will be. The most popular or conventional way of thinking about the Records is as a cosmic library that houses the Book of Life for each individual soul. In my experience, however, this is simply a metaphor to help our human mind understand something that is infinite, eternal, ever-changing, and ever-expanding. Although the Records exist in a higher realm, they are not outside you. They are accessible everywhere, including within you, because they are baked into your spiritual DNA. If you attune to the Akashic Records without any preconceptions of what they are and how they should appear to you, then you will experience them uniquely, and in the most expansive way, each and every time.

The more I work with the Akashic Records, the more I understand that it is less about accessing some “thing” or “place,” or even about connecting with specific spiritual guides, than it is about being wholly present and creating within myself that sacred space by which I can naturally and effortless know everything that I need to know for my soul’s evolution at the perfect “time” and “place” in the eternal Now.


I have always been a believer of ask the universe and you shall receive. I wholeheartedly believe in Ysette and the amazing connections she has to the Akashic records. During our session she connected and opened up my mind and heart to things in my life that I had been stuck on. The images and messages that came through her from my ancestors was mind blowing. Ysette brought up two separate images of things that I had seen a few hours prior to our session that had stuck with me. I would recommend Akashic records to all my friends and family. It was my first experience and it will not be my last. Thank you, Ysette, for being a beautiful portal of love and hope.

Annie Kim
Las Vegas, NV

I felt brave and well cared for. […] I felt recharged, [a] sense of understanding my feelings and what to do with them. […] I’ve tried several ways of healing, even self medicating. I’ve been exposed to so much despair in my life I wanted to understand these events w/o feeling pressured [or] resistant. […] Ysette being my reader, was more special because I can say she’s witnessed my ups, downs, successes & failures. I felt comfortable expressing my feelings and of course I felt vulnerable but honestly between the giggles, laughs, silence, I knew the person reading it meant well. She’s so pure and real I wouldn’t have trusted anyone else to do such a thing. Thank you.

Samantha Smith
Brooklyn, NY

The visuals were very helpful. I receive information in terms of images, so it was very useful to have the images during the reading. She did a great job expressing what she thought they meant and the conversation was very helpful as we went through with the questions. My reading gave me a lot of insight into areas of my life that I had questions about. Through imagery, I was able to understand what [Ysette] was trying to express. Thank you so much!

Lisa Cooner

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