Surrendering is to embrace uncertainty and relax into a higher perspective. When we are able to do so, we recognize that there is always a hidden gift in every challenging situation.

Whenever we feel like we are hit by loss and devastation, staring into an abyss, lost in the woods, or drowning in a sea of uncertainty, the way out of fear, paralysis and exhaustion is to take a breath and let it relax you. From your center, your Brilliant System will lead you into the mystery. Here be dragons, most likely, but they are allies, not foes. Here is opportunity for expansion and flight. To access this higher perspective, we don’t grip, we don’t fight, we don’t reach, we don’t strive. We allow. We relax.

Moving deeply and deliberately into periods of slowness and darkness provides us safe haven. We are invited to disconnect from all external conditions so we can establish a deep connection with ourselves during periods of confusion, transition, and depression.

Going inward allows for major reorientation and rebirth.

Just like the caterpillar that creates a chrysalis to metamorphose into a butterfly, or the seed that germinates underground, we are what’s born in the dark. Remember, however, that this process is not a “one and done.” We continually cycle through caterpillar-chrysalis-butterfly over the course of our lives.