There are literally billions of ways to work with the Akashic Records because every individual connects in his or her own way already, naturally and spontaneously—albeit unconsciously. To cultivate a conscious connection, it can be very helpful to use a process that will connect you safely and predictably.

When I work with clients, I use an opening invocation that connects them with their own I AM presence, their Higher Self, Mother Earth, and all the relevant teachers in the higher realms. This ensures that we are safe and supported, and also that the client herself is connected directly and consciously to her own higher wisdom. At no time is she ceding to me the capacity to heal. All healing, from this perspective, is self healing. I simply hold space and channel whatever frequencies, guidance, and information that will help facilitate the shifts she wishes to make.

More broadly speaking, I approach my partnership with the Akashic Records as something of mobile sandbox. Sometimes I set my intention to learn how to work with them a certain way, and sometimes the Records themselves surprise me with new ways of connecting and learning from them. Again, it is about being able to stand in uncertainty to open most widely to possibility.

If you are standing at a crossroads, moving through transition, or getting ready to step into uncharted territory, then you are well placed for an Akashic Records session with me.

If you are feeling stuck, cycling through the same issue over and over again, or don’t like any of the options life currently presents, take a breath and ask yourself if you are really ready to drop your old energetic patterns to adopt a change in perspective. That is all. I’m not asking you to change your behaviors immediately, but just to have an open heart and open mind regarding your situation. If the answer is yes, then you are ready for an Akashic Records session with me. If the answer is no, then it simply means you are still learning from your situation, and now is not the right time.

For me, the greatest gift of an Akashic Records session is being held in a field of unconditional love and encountering our deepest levels of truth. The Records exist outside the constraints of time and space, so they give us an opportunity to view ourselves within the infinite and eternal. Sitting in this elevated and supportive field helps us release what no longer serves us (old beliefs and habits, narrow thinking, energetic bindings, etc.) and to see what is possible even in the most challenging circumstances. When we approach the Akashic Records with an open heart and mind, we are rewarded not only with relief from suffering, but with the joy of discovery. Each time we engage with the Records, we are given the chance to claim our truth, and in so doing, shift, integrate, and grow in learning, love, and light.

While I have trained with Dr. Brian Weiss in past life regression, I don’t work with pre-determined protocols and templates, so if you ask for a “past life reading” or a “soul blueprint reading,” I will bring forward whatever is there for you in the moment in relation to your question at the level of your highest learning. Sometimes, for example, a client will ask about something in her past lives, and the Records will choose to show the first approach of her soul to the planet, summarizing the underlying theme of all her earthly incarnations. Or if you ask about your soul’s purpose, they may turn the question around and ask you why you are searching for it. It is all about what will bring you the most expansive growth you are ready for. If you are not attached to the form or content of the answers, then I welcome you to book a session with me. If you would like a straightforward “past life / soul blueprint reading” however, there are other Akashic Record professionals or past life regression therapists that would be better suited to the task.

*The one specifically themed session I do is Landscape of Your Life, which is a special reading in partnership with Mother Earth and the elementals, and may even come up organically if you book a general session with me.

Yes! And I encourage you to! The Akashic Records is all about empowerment and coming to your own truth, not giving up your authority to any reader, teacher, or spirit guide. There has never been a better time to learn how to access your higher guidance and become more conscious of your Higher Self and the unique flow of your soul. Access to the Akashic Records used to be a closely guarded secret, but many teachers are now trying to awaken others to a conscious connection with them. I would recommend teachers who themselves aren’t so secretive about their processes and guard the temple doors.

If you resonate with the unique way that I approach the Akashic Records, then I welcome you to study with me. While I prefer to attune people in-person in a group setting, I can also attune individuals over the phone or online, after which they are welcome to join my Akashic Records Study Group for further learning, exploration, and practice.

You may also choose the path of self study if you suspect you have a unique method of connection—which you do—and feel comfortable and safe exploring that on your own. If you are already highly intuitive and practice at least one other healing modality, you might find this route appealing. You can book an energy management session with me if you need some external support in getting you steady and strong in your process.

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