Before perusing these offerings, take a breath and connect with your Brilliant System, which you can think of as your internal compass, higher self, or inner teacher. Pay attention to how you feel as you read the descriptions of each offering. Let your higher wisdom guide you to what will best serve you at this time. You will know which offering is right for you and when you are ready to book a session or commit to a mentoring package.

Path of the Brilliant System

To walk this path is to expand into your multidimensional Self. It is the path to your source of unconditional well-being, inner knowing, and unique genius. You will learn how to show up for life with presence, so you can breathe, respond, create, speak, and act from your highest truth. With breath, intention, and grounded action, you will repeatedly and reliably be able to tap into the sacred flow of light within yourself, which carries you naturally into conscious, compassionate connection with the flow of all of creation.

If you wish to undergo a gentle, graceful, but undeniably powerful process of self-transformation, this is the path for you! With sustained practice, you will be able to go beyond the surface of spiritual cliches, dogmatism, and orthodoxy, into the juicy marrow of your living truth.

Path of the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records is the most common gateway into my work. If you are reaching for a higher perspective on yourself any aspect or dynamic in your life, you are ripe for an Akashic Records session. This is not about receiving predictions or marching orders from on high, but about coming to your truth from the sacred flow of your soul.

If the Records call you for further study, lucky you. Even those with established meditation, intuitive, or spiritual practices find this to be a challenging, but deeply rewarding path, because it is not one where the ego can hide for very long. If you’ve ever wondered how you can take the zen of your meditation practice into daily life, or find the bliss of your yoga practice off the mat, this is the path for you!

Brilliant System session

A Brilliant System session invites you to flex your intuitive muscles so you can come to your own answers with just the lightest touch of outside guidance.

Brilliant System mentoring

Dance on the path of mystery and mastery, balanced in your strong, stable center. Expand gracefully into your multidimensional Self with joy and unconditional love.

Akashic Records session

The most common gateway into my work, an Akashic Records session is a powerful way to get in touch with your soul’s message for you at this moment.

Akashic Records mentoring

Undertaking this path of study will hone and burnish your intuitive skills. With practice, you will naturally be called to bring every aspect of your life into integrity with your highest truth.

Brilliant System or Akashic Records?

I connect and hold space via either the Brilliant System or the Akashic Records. It is rather like splitting hairs in the unified field of consciousness. While all roads, so to speak, lead to heaven (i.e., your inner wisdom and connection to Spirit), I make the distinction so you can choose your desired path toward greater self knowledge. In the briefest terms, you get to decide whether or not you want to be in the driver’s seat during our time together. The answer to this depends on how much you already trust and use your inner knowing, and how balanced you currently feel. If you feel relatively positive on both counts, I recommend a Brilliant System session.

The Brilliant System places you in conscious contact with your inner teacher. You will tap directly into your brilliant flow while I provide a bit of structure and a light intuitive touch. This is a great “work out” for your intuition because you will be building both practical skills and self trust, along with self knowledge. The ability to hold space for yourself is an invaluable life skill that will serve you quite literally for the rest of your life.

Comparatively, with the Akashic Records, you will find yourself in a rich, energetic environment from the start, because I will invoke all the spiritual support available to you in the moment. Sometimes—even when you already have a strong spiritual and personal discernment practice in place—it is nice to be held in the total, unconditional love of the Divine while someone does a bit more of the heavy-lifting. Bear in mind, though, that all healing is self-healing, so ultimately you are still the one responsible for opening, shifting, and integrating.

Paradoxically, the deeper you go with your Brilliant System, the more you discover just how supported you are. And the deeper you go with the Akashic Records, the more you discover just how sovereign you are.

Single session or mentoring package?

A single session is the logical way to go if you are either new to my work and/or you are seasoned on the path of healing. If you are looking for a deeper dive, either because you are just starting out your spiritual journey or are looking to take your explorations to another level, I recommend committing to a mentoring package. Contact me for a free 15-minute consultation to see whether an extended working relationship feels right for both of us.