This past year was the fourth year running that I worked with a paired mantra and intention for manifesting and transformation, and it was the most magical by far. If you’ve been following this series, you’ll have seen how I gently stair stepped my way from the darkest period of my life to a strong, stable center by using conscious breath to bring me to the state of being my soul was determined to embody.

This is living from the brilliant system, in close communication with the life force that animates you and everything else in creation with its own mysterious intelligence. It is a complete reversal from all the ways we have been socialized to always be working hard and figuring things out on our own from the level of the ego—all to achieve something external in an effort to feel better about ourselves.

When we let our own higher wisdom lead the way, we don’t reach for something outside of ourselves, strive to attain for goals, or make ourselves stick to resolutions. Instead, we gently but persistently attune to a vibration that is already in us and return to it again and again every time we fall out of resonance with it because it feels so good when we do.

We become a living, breathing, walking meditation. And it is the easiest, most powerful way I’ve found to welcome, manifest, embody, and integrate change, because we are simply bringing forth the perfection that is already inside us. Everything that is in discord with it begins to fall away, like the marble that reveals the beautiful form that was always within.

2018 has been the most magical year of my life to date. After deepening my trust in my inner teacher in 2017, I felt into my learning edge and received the knowing that my soul wanted to witness its own divinity. I called in a mantra aligned with this, and what came to me was “to see magic everywhere.” To my surprise, my mind was on board with all of it. It had finally come to fully trust the process, since the benefits had so far exceeded its hopes and expectations year after year. The function it played this year was to bring me back into the magic each time I got frustrated or disenchanted.

I live in deep, almost unquestioning trust of my brilliant system, even when it flies in the face of logic and common sense. When it tells me to stop working, I do. When I feel called to travel somewhere with little explanation, I go. And the deeper reason almost always reveals itself in the fullness of time. And when it doesn’t, I sit in uncertainty, trusting that there is some deeper or higher level of me that understands.

I could tell stories for days, but here is a quick, mundane example: earlier this week my husband wanted to star gaze in our backyard to see if we could catch sight of the Christmas comet. I went out, greeted the Pleiades and Sirius, spotted a Geminid falling, and as I breathed and balanced myself between earth and sky, I felt a strong energy pin me to the ground and move through me for several minutes. It was so exquisite I started to tear up. I have no idea what happened, only that something did, and that I was enriched for the experience.

I don’t lead a life that makes much sense to others, but it is perfect and beautiful to me because it honors my inner flow. It is my deepest wish for you that 2019 is a year when you cut yourself a break, give your mind a rest, and see that you don’t have to fix anything in yourself or in your life. Let your brilliant system do its thing, and you will walk your path with so much joy, peace, and absolute freedom. Remember, it starts with intention and is sustained by breath.

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