This process I have been sharing of using your Brilliant System to bring about huge transformation is simple, gentle, and full of grace, but it takes a truckload of trust to really commit to it wholeheartedly. Especially in the beginning and during challenging times, your mind will up the ante with its chatter and put up a fight. You are, after all, challenging its authority as judge, jury, and executioner in your life.

But the mind has its place. We don’t want to shut it down. In fact, we actively engage its capacity to choose, because our free will choice is critical here. We cannot give ourselves over to our brilliant system and the flow of life without a conscious decision. Without choosing differently, our mind remains the automatic pilot that keeps us in the rut of habitual scripts, patterns, roles, and reactions. We can train it, however, to consistently choose a higher path.

So even before your first conscious breath, you must say YES to change. You must choose to trust that your inner brilliance knows the way forward better than your mind—however clever and highly trained it be—ever could.

Let’s be clear: you are not relegating the mind to second fiddle. You are restoring it to its original place of power of setting the strategic vision. The mind is overworked trying to manage every detail of your life. It is the CEO that has decided, out of anxiety, to micro-manage every aspect of the business. It’s time to give her a break.

Breathe into that idea. Does it freak you out or give you relief or make your heart sing? If there is any relief or joy beneath that freak out, you are ready for this path. Use today to keep breathing into the idea that your mind can choose a direction and relax as your brilliant system takes over.

Next we will learn how to keep the mind engaged while it’s along for the ride.


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