Yesterday I wrote about how you might level up your gratitude practice, and today I’m sharing a way to level up your grounding practice. This comes from a client session, where I was guided to really draw out the grounding process at the start of the session.

What became apparent as we were grounding into the heart of Earth was that we connecting into the consciousness of Gaia, the elemental realm, and all the wisdom of nature—what we might think of as the living library of the Earth. What quite surprised me though, was the awareness that we were also connecting with the ancestral realm and the Records of humanity, which are held in the field of the planet.

Bringing this to the forefront of our consciousness during grounding practice reminds us of all the wisdom we carry within, all the support we have access to. You can connect in meditation, during yoga, or simply as you walk, sit, stand, or lie on the face of the Earth. You can send questions down this grounding cord and let the knowing float to your consciousness with ease and grace, in perfect timing.


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