Yesterday I shared how taking a conscious breath connects you to your brilliant system and brings you more in touch with your inner flow. So if you have been thinking that my process for transformation is only for those who have deep meditation practices, or are naturally intuitive, or are not struggling in life, you can drop those misconceptions here and now. If you can breathe, and if you are open to change, you can do this. I started this work in my darkest days feeling like I knew nothing about anything.

Beginner’s mind is actually is great place to start because it means you are open to learning. When you are capable of trusting that each conscious breath invigorates your life force and makes it more apparent to your conscious mind, then you are ready to start the process of:

1. Feeling into your learning edge,

2. Calling a mantra to you, and

3. Working with intention.

Feeling into your learning edge is radically different from judging, from the level of your ego, “what is wrong with you.” This is where the old energies of New Year’s resolutions begin. But this isn’t about you needing to “get motivated” to lose weight or anything else. This isn’t even about you needing to find your life purpose. You are not starting from a place of lack.

You are not broken.

You are not lost.

There is nothing wrong with you.

So, again, breathe all that out and come to center.

And from that brilliant flow at the center of your energetic fields, start drawing in the awareness of where you stand and how you are showing up for life. Again, let your Higher Mind take care of the details. It will drip into your consciousness as it needs to, so don’t try to think your way into it. Feel your way there.

The first few times you do this, disharmonious fields of energy may come to your awareness. Five years ago, I woke up to the uncomfortable truth that I was completely burned out because I wasn’t walking my talk about self care. Wherever you are, breathe and trust you are okay. You just learned something about yourself from a place of compassion and acceptance. That is a big deal.

And that’s it. That is step one. Next we will learn how to call in a mantra that embodies the energies you want to live in.


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