Discover Your Brilliant System

Within you there is a divine channel of light through which you access all the guidance and resources you need for your soul’s evolution.

You are an infinite and eternal being, utterly unique in all of creation, and inextricably connected to All That Is. Your inner genius is already within you, waiting to be expressed.

In addition to your body consciousness and Higher Self, you are already connected to the wisdom of the Earth, and the higher realms.

You have access to an eternal well-spring of higher vibrational energies if you simply ask, release resistance, and open to receive.

Balance is. Grace is. Your ever-shifting point of balance is available to you at all times no matter your life circumstance or emotional state. Everything is held in expansiveness and equanimity in the field of Oneness.

Do I really have a Brilliant System?

Of course you do! There are no exceptions. You are not the only being in all of creation dispossessed of inner intelligence. The process of spiritual evolution is by no means a straightforward march toward enlightenment. The gap between the self you know and your Higher Self is an indication of how much potential you have for growth.

How do I connect to my Brilliant System?

The simplest answer is to set your intention to connect, take a conscious breath, let go of any expectations, and open to receive awareness in perfect timing. If that doesn’t do it for you, reflect on what is throwing you off balance. Every single challenge we encounter can be viewed as an invitation to strengthen our connection to our Brilliant System. How you connect and what you do with that connection depends on what stage of the Brilliant System cycle you find yourself in. What invitation is life issuing to you now?

Lee Russell

Lee Russell

"Yay! [Y]our guidance and steps to my ‘brilliant self’ … helped me recall many moments when I’ve been in this state and now I want to live fully in this place of Self. I found my learning edge (I sobbed and felt an instant release), and my mantra that sets me instantly into my brilliant system. "

Dawn Millward

Dawn Millward

"Through using your words, asking guides, angels to scan my energy field for pockets of energy, and I do this several times daily now. This is a tremendous help. Many thanks. My mantra came to me today. I’ve lost my child. My child is me. And this is because of your words. Many thanks x love and light to you"

Suzie Yang

Suzie Yang

"he most important thing I took from the beautiful session is, I could do this, and be there."

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