Set your intention and prepare your questions

Your intention and questions drive your Akashic Records session, so take some time to think about why you want a reading/healing, what questions you would like to ask, and what you would like to release. The Records will always meet you where you’re at. One time I had a client who came to the reading with vague intentions, and as she was trying to think of questions to ask, I could feel her Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones tapping their feet patiently with mildly amused expressions on their faces!

Your questions do not have to be perfectly thought out or worded, so don’t worry if you have a sense of an issue but aren’t exactly sure how to phrase your question. There are no wrong or stupid questions, but I recommend reading this blog post on how to ask productive questions so they are open-ended and empowering to you. (I am fascinated by the art of asking questions and have written a lot about it!)

Rest up and stay hydrated

The night before your reading, get as much rest as possible. Be generous with your self care: nourish yourself with good food, stay hydrated, and avoid mind-altering substances. This also means refraining from alcohol and other recreational drugs (prescription drugs are fine, since they are meant to keep your system in balance). Don’t stress about doing things perfectly if life is hectic. Come as you are.

Keep your awareness open

Believe it or not, an Akashic Records session begins when you schedule a time slot because that is when your intention sets the energy of the session into motion. If you pay attention to what is going on within you and around you in the days leading up to the session, you may find yourself already beginning to receive answers to your question. It is not uncommon for clients to get to a session with an entirely different set of questions because the energy had already shifted since they made the appointment.

Right before the session

It is always a good idea to have a glass of water by your side during an Akashic Records session because water (and your breath) helps the energy flow. If you are inclined to take notes (which I would recommend, if we are connecting by phone and I can’t provide an audio recording), you will want a notebook or computer at the ready. Some clients like to have a candle or a crystal by their side, as well. If you can, take a couple minutes to ground and center yourself before we connect.

After the session

Although it may seem like a conversation, bear in mind that an Akashic Records session is a form of energy healing. Following the session, be generous with your self care and give yourself space to take it in and process. Be mindful of whom you surround yourself with. (One client wrote in that she regretting going to the beach with a dear friend right after a reading because she would have benefited more from solitude.) You may want to go out into nature to ground, take a bath, or even take a nap. It can take a few hours or even a few days for a reading to unfold and sink in fully, and even longer to integrate its lessons. If you have notes or an audio recording, it is often helpful to revisit them because you may hear something you missed the first time, or understand something at a deeper level. It is also not uncommon for clients to feel like nothing’s really changed, only to write in a few weeks later with insights from our session. So keep your awareness open in the weeks to come!