The Magician from the Quantum Tarot

The school of Mystery & Mastery is back in session, and there is so much I want to share about it, beginning with the guidance that came in right before our inaugural gathering. When I asked what was important for me to know or share with the group, I got the nudge to research two numbers: the distance between a nucleus and the electron cloud that surrounds it, and the distance between the sun and Pluto. It turns out that when comparing to scale, an electron is about 20 times farther from a nucleus than Pluto is from the sun.

The guidance was to feel into the spaciousness of the atomic structure, and to know that it pervades our physical bodies, and is continuous with the space around us and within others. Feel into that connectedness and know it as the Akasha, the zone of infinite possibility that feels like nothing and everything all at once. It is the connective tissue of All That Is.

We can expand into this realm when we are centered. We feel disconnected from it when we are knocked off-center, retreat in fear, and look to externalities to determine how we should feel, think, speak, and act. When we undertake a devotional practice of centering, we reconnect with the web of life, and feel held even in our darkest nights. The absence of light calls forth our capacity to trust in the mystery, perhaps to revel in it. We are always connected, and we each occupy our unique place in the wholeness of creation.

When we know this in our bones, or take steps to remind ourselves of it when we lapse into forgetfulness, we create a stable, conscious connection to our inner guidance system. Your pillar of light is your compass, your beacon, and also a channel through which you receive everything you need to know when you need to know it.

Sometimes the guidance is simply to keep centering through deep transition. It may look like nothing is happening, but you are accomplishing the astounding feat of coming to a new place of balance in each and every moment, trusting that you will see the fruits of your process eventually. This ability to surrender to mystery is a powerful skill. You cannot step into mastery without it.


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