WHERE AM IN ON THE SPIRAL OF LIFE? Follow these four easy steps to engage your Brilliant System:

  1. Set your intention to connect to your Brilliant System
  2. Take a few conscious breaths
  3. Release any expectations, attachments, or judgments about will will happen or how
  4. Open your awareness to receive what you need in perfect timing

The manifestation mantra process reveals to you your learning edge, a personalized mantra to breathe you gently into a new state of being, and the intention that will keep you aligned in this higher vibratory state.

  1. Connect with your Brilliant System using the steps above.
  2. Ask what invitation is there for you to accept. Is life presenting you with an opportunity to find your center, to surrender to mystery, or to step into mastery?
  3. While you are in that space of connection, also ask to be attuned to the energy of your center / mystery / mastery as it expresses in its highest potential for the greatest good of All.
  4. Anchor that energy into all levels and aspects of your being.
  5. Ask that your path forward be aligned with this energy. You may get a sense of this path, but if you don’t, trust that you will know whatever you need to in perfect timing.
  6. Whenever you need to get realigned, you can call upon this energy at will by reconnecting to your Brilliant System.

IF IT’S SO SIMPLE, WHY DOES IT SEEM SO HARD? It really is that simple, and with practice you can establish that connection easily with just one conscious breath. This is done by allowing, and when we do so, life feels utterly magical!

Some days, however, stuff gets in the way of our connection. Broadly speaking, that “stuff” is some form or another of resistance. When you feel uncomfortable or disharmonious energies, it is almost always because you are resisting something that wants to flow either in or out of your energetic fields and life. When you begin to see every challenging moment as an invitation to find your center, surrender to mystery, or step into mastery, you develop the ability to roll with the tides of life, rather than feeling buffeted by the winds of change and turbulent emotions.

But this is not only about weathering the storms with resiliency. This is also about transforming your entire outlook on life so you know that everything is truly happening for you and even of you. This is about knowing who you really are, and letting that knowing expand and align you in heart, mind, body, and spirit day after day.

I’D LOVE SOME SUPPORT WITH THIS… It is my great joy and honor to witness individuals reconnect with their inner guidance and truly feel like they can come home to themselves and share their light with the world!