“I had a question about that!” These were the words of my client during a recent reading. I was responding to her question, and somehow that response managed to answer another question that she had forgotten to ask, but was resting somewhere in the back of her mind, lingering in her heart. “That was my next question!” or “I was gonna ask that question!” are also common utterances.

It never fails to amaze me when an Akashic Record reading anticipates our questions. No, I don’t consider myself psychic. I don’t try to “read your mind.” And I am just as surprised as my clients when this happens. It’s even more astounding when the Records answer questions that we haven’t yet figured how to articulate.

How does this happen? I have many beliefs and theories around the dynamic of questions, some of which I’m still trying to put words to. What I’ll say for now is that when we develop a deep Akashic Records practice, we find ourselves able to tap into a field where all our questions are already answered, and we reach a knowing that goes beyond the limits of human language.

When I find answers for you and bring them forth during a reading, I am not tapping into anything that exists outside of you. All the answers are in your flow. If a reading has the ring of truth for you, it’s because you are simply recognizing something that was deep within you this entire time. The more you acquaint yourself with your flow during meditation, the easier it is to tap into that place where all your questions are already answered.

(P.S: The card above is from Uusi Studio’s Pagan Otherworlds Tarot, the most beautiful deck I’ve ever worked with.)


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