Mantra check-in

We’ve rounded out the first quarter of the year, and I’ve been taking stock of what my manifestation mantra has brought into my awareness and life thus far. My 2019 mantra is “to align myself with Source,” and it’s been been surprisingly different working with it. Not sure why I am so surprised because surprise is part of the process—and a delightful one at that. But it’s been challenging articulating even to myself what’s been so different about it.

This tool was born of a deep yearning for personal transformation, and my yearly mantra always responds to the question of “What state of being did I (my Higher Self) desire (my physical self) to experience and how could I close that gap?” Through 2017 my mantras emerged from an acute sense of lack. The implied question was “What was I missing and how could I fix it?”

The tide changed at the start of 2018, when I expressed the desire to see more magic in my life, not from lack, but a desire to live in fullness. It was about testing limits and playing with possibility, trusting fully in the mysterious guidance within, and reveling in abundance. The bonus effect was slipping into ease and grace as a way of life.

This year, though, my mantra did not come immediately. And I had to fiddle with it for some time until I had taken out all the pressure that the original phrasing evoked in me. It wasn’t till February that I felt I had it pinned down.

Over the next few days I’ll be sharing my insights on what this year’s process has brought in so far. These aren’t channeled transmissions, in the way my other series are. This is just me working through my stuff by writing it out, and I hope it is no less provocative. The learning has been tremendous! (Also curious to hear from anyone who brought in a manifestation mantra and has been using it this year.)

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