A Brilliant System session always begins with a guided connection inward so you can find the balance that is true for your being, and explore whatever you choose to explore from that point of balance. More than just “talking things through,” you will be guided to train your awareness on the flow of your Brilliant System and the dynamic of whatever issue you bring to the session. Using your somatic and inner senses, you will be able to discern the knowing this interplay carries for you.

This is a space for you to connect directly with your own inner knowing, to discover, shift, release, integrate, and come to truth for yourself. While my own intuitive connection will guide you through certain junctures, approach these sessions as an opportunity to find clarity while giving your intuition a workout. With repeated practice, you will find that you are increasingly able to hold space for yourself without having to rely so much on others. In fact, if you already have a strong connection to your inner knowing, but are facing something causing more “interference” than usual, a Brilliant System session provides just the right light touch to plug back in.

Be advised that a Brilliant System session showcases the wisdom of your own higher mind, so supporting energies tend to take a step back to honor your process. If you don’t have a regular practice of connecting inward, it might feel as if you are largely alone in this. But you aren’t. You are never alone. You are always connected. If you feel a starkness in the atmosphere, it only means that you haven’t yet tapped into the riches of your Brilliant System. Think of this as intuitive development or subtle energetic practice. You will walk away from your session with greater clarity and also one or two tools to add to your repertoire.

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