A lot of people find their way to me because they are exhausted by their work trying to “change the world.” Sister, I’ve been there. And the way toward balance is not more “self care.” Neither is it running the other direction to bury your head in the sand or numb your heart. The answer to this and many other perceived problems in your life lies in finding your center.

I write a lot about centering because it truly is the key to everything. When my Akashic Records started nudging me to make centering the center of my personal work, I put up a lot of resistance. How could something so simple address all the problems I saw not merely in myself but in the world? I, like most people, had been trained to keep my critical gaze outward. “People are suffering. The planet’s a mess. Stop telling me to turn inward and take a fucking breath!”

How far I’ve come from my impoverished view of centering. When I teach people to find their center, it isn’t about “mindfulness.” And although I taught a year-long series on the chakras a few years ago, I have since learned that the real action is in the central channel. This is the inner river of light that connects you to the larger flow of life. Here is the key to the kingdom.

To live from your central channel is to hold the balance between heaven and earth. You will build your capacity to breathe, think, feel, act, and love from your strong, stable center. This is an act of self-transformation, but not in the vein of new year’s resolutions or “self improvement” goals. You won’t grit your teeth, buckle down, and git ‘er done.

This is about becoming more of yourself, coming alive. BE-ing A L I V E. You will open to your greater flow and feel supported even in the hairiest of times. You will know when to work and when to rest. The times of intensity and of gentleness will be equally beautiful if you hold it all in a sacred embrace.

The magic of centering is that no matter how crazy the world gets—and the world has gotten crazier since I started doing this—you will find a way of moving steadily, gracefully, even joyfully through the mire.

The question is, do you dare?


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