Many of us grow up with the message that being self centered is a moral failing, that we must put others ahead of ourselves. So-called navel gazing is for the privileged because look 👏 at 👏all 👏 the 👏 problems 👏 in 👏 the 👏 world 👏. Look at all the problems in my life.

Brilliant human, how are you going to attend to any of it if you are not coming from a strong, stable center? From this expansive, harmonious place you might learn, for example, that so many of these problems aren’t yours to solve. They are not your burdens to carry.

Maybe they aren’t even “problems” at all, but invitations to evolve and expand. Every day issues a million invitations for you to find your center, to remember who you truly are. But our impulse is to give into our lower mind, narrow our focus, and lapse into problem-solving mode. This keeps us feeling safe because at least we are “doing something.”

Who would you be if you didn’t have so many problems to fix? What would you be capable of if you didn’t have situations or people on which to lay your blame, your anger, your judgment? What are you using to divert your secret shame? What keeps you distracted from the tender, sacred spots within?

There is nothing that can overpower you at your fullest expression. And guess who stands in the way of that? Here’s a hint: not anything on the outside. If it feels that way, it is an invitation to go inward and ask your Higher Self (not your opinionated ego), “In what way am I keeping myself from my fullest expression?”

I have been working with lots of people lately to activate their brilliant system and learning so much about the process of centering, which is the key skill that will take you through the spiraling path of mystery and mastery. I’ll be sharing more about what you are actually doing when you find your center and hold space for yourself, so stay tuned!


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