Joyful healing

One type of client I seem to attract (and there’s always a very personal reason for these kind of patterns) are the type A, super achiever, “I’m gonna do whatever it takes to heal myself” kinda person. They’ve devoted years to self-improvement and personal development. They consider themselves diligent, self-reflective, and hardworking. Yet they find themselves in a rut with their healing.

More often than not, the Akashic Records have a surprising solution: Be gentle on yourself. There is a season for turning the gears up on the healing work, and a season for easing off. Sometimes the next chapter in the healing journey is meant to be light and joyful.

This guidance confounds doers because their solution is to do what it takes to fix what’s broken, and the assumption is usually “no pain, no gain.” But when the message is “you aren’t broken,” “there’s nothing to be fixed,” even when all evidence seemingly points to the contrary, and the advice is to “do nothing,” to rest in the discomfort, or to find joy in the chaos, it can bring up confusion and resistance. This is because we underestimate the power of joy. Lightheartedness and a general lightness of being allows for expansiveness, which promotes flow.

I have walked this path of resisting rest, resisting joy because I thought healing was a grim and serious business. I urge clients not to fight it as long as I did. Giving into grace is one of the best gifts I ever gave myself, but it took time for me to relax into it and trust. I promise that on the other end of it, things get much much easier. Life continues to bring challenge, but I can find equanimity and peace much more easily. And healing is no longer a chore or obligation, but a dynamic that brings wonder, awe, and delight.

If you’re tired of swimming upstream or running circles on the same well-worn track, it could be time to rest in the space of an Akashic Record reading. Reach out! I’m running a special open rate with my integration package for the next few weeks, so if you book now, you get to name your price for 30 days of support following the reading!

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