I’ve been writing about the pitfalls I encountered while learning the art of “doing nothing.” Today I’m sharing what actually worked for me.

If you are finding that you are spending your days listless and unsatisfied with how you’ve accomplished “nothing valuable,” there are a few things that need attending to. Before you even attempt to approach the work of finding your underlying assumptions (“limiting beliefs” in today’s parlance), the very first thing I recommend you do is find your center.

I’ve already written so much on centering, so now I will give you an image that came out of my Akashic Records: a circled dot. I was urged to meditate on this symbol. Back then I had little clue what it meant—so desperate was I for “real answers” and “practical solutions.” Yet this truly was the first step: finding my center, gathering all my energy into the very core of my being so I could know what wanted to be expressed—not due to any pressures from inside or out, but because it was naturally arising from my flow. Lastly, it required bringing everything in my life into alignment and holding it all in that steady, coherent, harmonious field of energy.

From this place, expansion is effortless. Next steps arise. In the shadowy interim between steps there is peace and trust in right timing until a window of clarity brings a rush of excitement.

As with many processes I describe and recommend, this is simple, gentle work. How “easy” it is depends on how willing you are to notice your areas of constriction and get out of the way.

Next up I’ll be describing a bit of my process of trial and error in finding balance, so stay tuned!


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