You might recall how I’ve been sitting with the question “What comes after ambition?” At the time of asking, I honestly had no idea. I was simply befuddled by its absence and wondering at my so-called indifference to all the things that used to preoccupy me, some of which I was happy to lose, others which made me wonder if I had somehow lost the fire of passion.

As with all big questions I ask in life, I didn’t go digging around for an answer because I’ve learned from my Akashic Records practice simply to trust that once the question has gone out into the Unified Field, the vibration of the answer is already on its way back to me, to be received in perfect timing and in a form that serves me best. All I need is to remain present and open. (This is not a special relationship I have with the Universe, by the way. It can work for you too, whether you get there via some form of prayer, intuitive training, meditation, or just being open to relinquishing the ego’s need for control and discovering your true nature.)

The answer has been months in the making, but in the last two weeks I started feeling it very viscerally—literally in my gut and inner senses—until one day I woke up realizing that the truth of myself, my life, and the world around me had shifted at a fundamental level. I’ve started translating that new vibration into language to conceptualize and concretize the knowing and I’m going to do my best to unpack it for you. It might take a couple more posts, but I won’t keep you in suspense.

Here’s the spoiler: What comes after ambition is peace. This is merely the pith. The juiciness of it comes as we explore the nature of this peace, which is expansive and quite paradoxical insofar as it unveils certainty in uncertainty, identity in non-identity, and the magnitude and magnificence of the seemingly small, quiet, and hidden. (I love when clichés begin to ring true, and this revelation is a treasure trove!) I look forward to putting all these insights in a somewhat linear, hopefully cogent order. Maybe something here calls to you, connects you with your inner teacher, and helps with your year-end reflections.

P.S. Pic is of Shiva as Guru Dashinamurthy, whose presence came to me back in 2017, when I asked to connect to my inner teacher.


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