A couple years ago I started keeping a question journal to track the issues I wanted to bring to the Akashic Records and I’d shuffle them around based on priority. I would bring more pressing questions to the Records, yet interestingly enough, the ones I let percolate in my question journal started taking a life of their own. What I mean by this is life started bringing me answers with such uncanny specificity that I could no longer continue writing it off as coincidence.

My Akashic Records had long been urging me to attune to the messages and guidance all around me, even when I wasn’t in their sacred space. I was frankly starting to get more than a little ticked off because I was trying so hard to look for those alleged answers, but as always, this kind of efforting was self-defeating. The harder I tried, the less effective I could be at being open.

By letting my questions simply lie in my journal, I had unwittingly given myself the opportunity to relax around them. I thereby opened up space for the answers to come into my awareness. It’s really a macro version of what I practice in the Akashic Records, where I learned very early on that if I strained or grasped for answers, I would choke the flow. So I developed the habit of sending my question out into the ether and standing calmly in waiting for the response to enter my consciousness.

There is no seam between my Akashic Records practice and daily life. Sometimes I ask a question in the Records and have a tough time discerning an answer for myself. When this happens I simply ask to receive whatever I need to in the form that serves my highest good at just the right time. Then I go about my business, trusting that clarity will come to me.


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