This is the Fool from the Radiant Rider-Waite, a bright handy deck that is convenient to travel with. These fit right in the palm of my very small hands.






Yesterday I committed to emerging from my hermitage, and in the shower I was inspired to post daily about what I’ve learned from the Akashic Records over the next month till the Akashic Records study group is back from summer break.

We begin this series, appropriately, with Beginner’s Mind. While I believe anyone can learn to access the Records, this often entails unlearning so very many habits of mind in order to completely inhabit Beginner’s Mind. We must be okay being the Fool venturing into unchartered territory, unsure but excited for whatever may come.

We stand in the Records as the embodiment of “I learn” rather than “I know.” To do this, we squeeze out all preconceptions, opinions, attachments, etc. from the sponge of the mind, and hold all our current knowledge with the lightest of grips. This way we become open enough to receive and learn something new.

In practice this means building up quite a stomach for uncertainty, being okay with not knowing, being okay with being wrong. With enough training, one comes to trust that ignorance and uncertainty are simply the other side of wonder, curiosity, and surprise. You might begin to see why learning how to work in the Akashic Records is not simply a skill but a way of being.


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