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I’ve been sharing the details of my own engagement with this process of using a paired mantra and intention for manifestation and transformation because I want to show how it all arises organically from one’s life circumstances. This isn’t about the mind deciding what seems “good” or impressive or convenient to have, do, or learn, but the soul really communicating what state of being it wants to express, for reasons all its own. It provides, in other words, the truest answer to the questions “Who are you?” and “Who are you becoming?” the very two questions around which all my youth work turned.

2015 took me from grief and burnout to self care to pure delight. 2016 moved me from poor self esteem to self compassion to unconditional self love. And at this point I was feeling more centered than I had ever been my entire life. But we are always learning, always expanding. So when I took in some conscious breaths to connect to my brilliant system and have my Higher Self show me where I could stand to be more present in myself and in life, it showed me it was time to “know my inner teacher.”

There was my learning edge and mantra delivered at once, and my mind freaked out because it knew what would be expected of it: trust again. Trust even more. But this is how learning goes, in spirals, where we return and return again to those lessons our soul wants to master most in this lifetime. (There’s the secret: your hidden superpower? It is what you struggle most with.) Here I am again with trust, but at another level. So I took another few breaths to calm myself and reconnect, and in that space my mind committed to its intention to double down on trust. Whenever I doubted my intuition or worried that I wouldn’t be able to come to clarity on something, I’d breathe my way back to trusting my inner teacher and the perfection of divine timing.

One cautionary note: the mind’s intention and the heart’s calling are powerful things. When you are determined to learn something, life will respond and bring you the perfect circumstances so you can master what you desire. In 2017 I discovered something about my teacher that led me (and many other students) to leave her school. Not gonna lie: I was deeply unsettled by it all and I didn’t feel ready to leave the nest. But the signs were clear that it was time for me to claim my own path forward.

And that is how my heart opened to the situation and released the anger I felt toward my teacher. I saw it all for what it was: the answer to my soul’s prayers. I entered a period of accelerated growth after having gotten quite comfortable in my Akashic Records practice, and so much changed, including how I accessed and worked with the Records. The revelation around my former teacher is why I work the way I do, in the conviction that we all must find our own unique connection, not merely to the Akashic Records but to our higher wisdom and to the divine, which is ultimately the same thing. The time for throwing the temple doors open and sharing the long-guarded wisdom of the mystery schools far and wide is now. For the third year in a row, my mantra had given me more than I’d imagined, more than I bargained for. But it is like building a muscle. My center was strengthening and expanding and I was stepping into my power. This is what is available to all of us—bar none—once we awaken our brilliant system. Our own life force will lead us intelligently and perfectly and in harmony with the larger flow of life around us. And it really, truly begins with intention and is sustained breath by conscious breath.


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