Last night I had the puzzling feeling that I shouldn’t sign up for my usual Tuesday trapeze class. This morning, my intuition hadn’t changed, but I decided to check the class schedule anyway, and found that the last remaining spots had been taken between the time I went to bed and gotten up. I went about my morning routine mildly curious about what this was all about. Why was I being guided to stay home when flying is generally good for my energy levels and brings me great joy?

After breakfast it hit me: I was being called to meditate. For the last six months I had been trying to connect to Murugan based on the guidance I received from my Nadi Palm Leaf reading. I’d never really felt drawn to Murugan before, but I kept attempting the mantra out of curiosity. This morning I simply asked to open to his energy and to feel it in a clear and powerful way. Immediately I felt my crown tingle and then the energy flow down through my body to my feet. I felt it most powerfully in the front of my body, as well as my arms and hands. The energy literally pinned me to my seat for an hour and a half.

Murugan is said to bring seekers courage and confidence to face the future. It takes a lot of courage to trust the messages of your intuition, to follow the flow that life brings, to let your heart take the lead. Last December I was meditating and was suddenly hit with the guidance to wind down Dreamers & Schemers. It made very little sense at the time. I had no idea what I was making space for because nothing obvious was on the horizon. But come January it became extremely clear that a lot of new energies were flowing into me, and I needed to focus on integrating them and seeing where they led me. My intuition has never led me astray, and more often than not the pay-off is beyond my wildest imaginings.

Lately I’ve been noticing that all my questions and prayers are being answered in rapid succession, from the deepest, most long-standing wishes of my heart to my recent new year intentions. Time to dream some more! I have no idea what the next few months will bring, but I am excited for the ride!



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