I’ve been clearing some limiting beliefs that get in the way of centering, and today I’m building off yesterday’s post on Be-ing to show you that you are actually doing a lot more than you think when you come to center. And, yes, you know how to center. We’re just bringing conscious awareness to something you already do so subtly and automatically via your brilliant system.

We’ll pretend as if we were in a session or workshop together, and I will give you a moment to do this for yourself, but with beginner’s mind and hyper awareness. If you are thinking you don’t know how to center because you don’t have a meditation practice, you don’t need one. Imagine you are about to walk into an interview or a party. Or it’s the moment before a presentation or performance. Subtler still, it can be more mundane: you sit down to start work at the top of your day, or you enter the kitchen at the end of it, and you are about to fix dinner.

What do you do? Not externally, but internally, in your subtle energetic fields. Take a moment to center—don’t think about doing it, just do it. And as you experience your brilliant system kicking in, observe what’s happening. You are actually doing quite a bit in that moment. Unless you are under duress, it does not take a long time to center. Not even a minute. If you are noticing a lot of flows and feeling sensations and receiving information, you’ve already done more than I’ve asked. Rewind and observe again. Really take your time, expanding that moment in your awareness.

When I invite you to “come to center,” what does your brilliant system do? Take today to answer the question. You can share below if you’re so moved. I’d love to hear from you before I start describing what I’ve learned about centering from my own brilliant system and that of clients.


ingrid · March 22, 2019 at 11:36 pm

interesting today i had someone share that i’ve inspired them to “not be scared by their connection to nature”. and that comment moved me because nature is such a beautiful, powerful system, a force, the deepest connections we may have externally, and by being fearless, i am unafraid internally to see the beauty within myself.

i share this because as we transition seasons, i am
noticing the rebirth happening along with spring. i sang praises to trees along my ways and thanked them for this cycle. interesting that i’m beginning to believe that the death occurring in winter led to so much piling within me wanting to burst and die along the natural rhythms. and moving forward studying my connections and flows to support my own process come the next winter. and being gentle as i transition into spring and calibrate with this seasons brilliant system and my own brilliant system.

-pachamama + peace + joy

    Ysette · March 22, 2019 at 11:51 pm

    YES! I’ve been singing to the trees, too! Really nice awareness, Ingrid, around your seasonal flows.

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