Shedding restriction20200918113830

Shedding restriction

t’s been an intense last few days. On my heart and mind has been the idea of breathing more space into restriction, and just the other day, as I was cleaning up my rock garden, I spotted a really long snakeskin. My husband and I had just been remarking how we’ve been missing our garden […...
From forgiveness to apology20200906135106

From forgiveness to apology

When clients ask me about forgiveness, my response is almost always “Don’t force it. When the time is right you will see there is nothing to forgive.” To get to this point, however, you have to come to a place of neutrality—that strong, stable, yet expansive space within. From your divine ce...
Stillness, motion, balance20200504121720

Stillness, motion, balance

Over the winter my learning around balance found new ground in our community yoga practice. Even in Vinyasa classes, where transitions are important, most yoga teachers tend to focus on getting students to experience the fullest expression of an asana their body is able to find on any given day. By ...
You are the river meeting the ocean20200401122606

You are the river meeting the ocean

This morning in that liminal state between sleep and wakefulness I felt myself join the waters of planet, but in such a way that I sensed their connection and their wholeness. I felt, in other words, how the sweet waters eventually flowed into the salty depths of the ocean, only to rise again into t...
Rhythm of the breath20200305111007

Rhythm of the breath

YsetteMarch 5, 2020Life, Meditation, , 0
Several days ago I had a really moving experience in savasana during a yoga class where I ended up being the only student. The feeling that washed over me was the luxurious joy of getting to be with my breath for the entire class mixed with a strange relief that I didn’t have to “worry” [&hell...
Level up your grounding practice20200120160628

Level up your grounding practice

Yesterday I wrote about how you might level up your gratitude practice, and today I’m sharing a way to level up your grounding practice. This comes from a client session, where I was guided to really draw out the grounding process at the start of the session. What became apparent as we were ground...
A heart like the sun20191205133419

A heart like the sun

Yesterday I spent much of my day scraping off paint, a rather monotonous task that nevertheless gives me occasion for mindfulness practice. As I worked through several layers of paint, I was noticing various thoughts and feelings pass in and out of awareness. One such thought was how this year I had...
The “safe places” where you hide20191124124633

The “safe places” where you hide

As we close in on Thanksgiving and the holiday season, my yoga instructors are starting to send out the message of the importance of self care and carving out time for oneself, especially in class. One teacher went on about how family and community can be great but challenging. As she wore on for ov...
The energetics of mindfulness, pt 420191001181928

The energetics of mindfulness, pt 4

Continuing with our investigation and experiencing of what it really means to “take a conscious breath,” today we’re practicing how to work with the mind so we can begin tapping into our other centers of knowing. After we take our first conscious breaths, turning inward, really holding (not ru...
The energetics of mindfulness, pt 320190928133604

The energetics of mindfulness, pt 3

If you’ve been following along, we’ve been going into the visceral experience of mindfulness practice to see what the big deal is with “taking a breath.” Why do we do this and what “actually” happens? A couple days ago I invited you to see if you could hold the experience of being trigge...