For our third gathering of the year we finally put a conceptual frame around the work we did in January (attuning to fields of light) and February (pop-up Akasha with sound healing). After a quick overview of the brilliant system, we covered:

1. how all our challenges can be reframed as invitations to engage our brilliant system;

2. how you already have experience with centering, surrendering to mystery, and stepping into mastery. This is true of everyone, no exceptions. We often look to peak spiritual experiences as our point of reference, but if we consider how our brilliant system is always bringing us to a new point of balance so we can move through the darkness or own our light, we become aware of the visceral, bodily experience of these subtle energetics. You already know, at some level, what it feels like to come to center, to create sacred space for yourself, and to bring the fullness of yourself to bear. It’s just a matter of becoming more consciously aware of these skills.

3. Lastly we learned how balance, grace, and genius are fields of light that are always already available as allies on the spiral path. Balance helps you find your center, grace helps you relax into uncertainty, and genius helps you bring the essence of your being-ness into full expression. Again, no one is excluded from this, not even genius. (You can see from the lack of notes that the topic of mastery and genius took us deep.) These fields of light are available universally in you and in the field of oneness.

Finally, we capped off the evening with a thirty minute meditation to experience each phase of the spiral path. It was an energy attunement where every person was attuned not by me, but her own brilliant system. When I opened my eyes at the end of it, I started laughing because everyone in the room was visibly altered. I joked that we should have taken the group photo beforehand.

So many amazing insights came out of our discussion, and I will be sharing more in the coming days. This group is amazing!


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