Did you know that your Akashic Records practice can support your meditation practice? I learned this through a bout of frustration trying to read for myself as a beginner. A lot of students facing frustration will start avoiding their practice altogether. But I found that I really missed being in the supportive frequencies of the Records after too long an absence.

One day I decided that I would just attune to my Records and sit. No questions, no pressure to receive answers. When I do this, sometimes I am overcome with strong emotion, and I don’t always know what I am releasing, only that I must. Other times I take the opportunity to resonate prayer in my heart. Often I just sit in the stillness and enjoy it.

I found that sitting in my Records took off a significant amount of pressure and performance anxiety. This in turn supported the work I was doing in my question journal (see yesterday’s post). I also reaped the added benefit of strengthening my meditation practice “outside” the Records. I found I could drop deeper more quickly, since I was finding that path inward so efficiently with the support of the Records.

When a friend offered me a reading soon after I started doing this, I asked about the shape of my personal practice without letting her in on my personal experiment. She responded, “Oh! They’re saying you can just sit in your Records and meditate!” She was surprised because the idea had never crossed her mind. I was grateful for the confirmation I was on the right track for myself.

Your Akashic Records practice will look like no one else’s. whatever technique you use when you first learn will surely change and grow as you yourself evolve. Sometimes your Records will lead you through shifts in explicit ways. At other times you will have to trust the flow that emerges from within.


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