Earlier this year my 2020 manifestation mantra came to me as I was chipping old paint off a door: “A heart like the sun.” It came in on rays of yellow and orange, so I set up a crystal grid with those colors, including a tarot and oracle card that came up in a personal spread.

What I’ve noticed since then was that the learning this mantra brings has certainly been rather elliptical. First there was a ton of learning around breath and balance, and then at the end of last month a new concept started to play at the edge of my consciousness: WHOLENESS. How weird to be going through this pandemic with a learning around wholeness, but it was undeniable. I do what my Brilliant System teaches me to do whenever I notice a new energy come into my life: I breathe it in.

Today I awoke with a very full heart. I can’t explain it except to say that I do not wish anything were any different than it is Now. I feel how sacred this time is, and I am grateful for all the experiences. I am never more in my element than when I am deep in the mystery, holding my center, shifting, expanding, rebalancing and holding my center again.

I know it is a strange—perhaps even offensive—thing to say. And it’s not that I don’t dream of a time when we can move around and gather together again without fear of falling deathly ill. It’s not that I am unconcerned about the sick and the elderly, the people living alone, the workers on the frontlines literally saving lives. But the wholeness that had been circulating at the edges of my being has now lodged itself into my heart and is expanding with every conscious breath. It is a state of being, not a concept conditioned by external circumstances or subject to reason.

Just the other day I drew the Sun card in the heart position of a tarot spread. Funny because I walk around with my hands outstretched just like that lemur when I am in the woods. I am always so amazed by how quickly my manifestation mantra process shifts the energy in my life. I usually stick with a mantra for a full year, but I never have to wait even half a year to begin feeling its effects.

Remember, this is not an “affirmation” that comes from your physical mind / ego. It is the deepest calling of your soul. You find it by connecting with your Brilliant System, feeling into your learning edge, and then calling in a mantra to close the gap between your current condition and your natural state of wholeness. It can take as little as five minutes if you can key into your signature vibration or home frequency easily.

Last year I offered free manifestation mantra sessions for the new year of 2019, but this winter I just wasn’t feeling it. Now I am. Contact me if you are interested in calling in your mantra with my support for the next coming months. It would be my joy to hold space for you.


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