I’ve been sharing a gentle, soulful way of bringing about magnitudes of transformation while coming from wholeness. This post series are not merely informational; they are energetic transmissions. And I am helping clear some countercurrents while building the energetic foundation for the process. So take a breath before reading on and know that the learning goes deeper than the conscious mind.

Deep and lasting transformation comes naturally and gracefully when you connect and align with life force on three levels:

1. knowing your inner flow;

2. trusting in the flow of life; and

3. using conscious breath.

This might sound like a huge leap or a bunch of new age hooha, but this is a very accessible process that I first started using in the grip of grief, burnout, anxiety, and within 6 months I’d reconnected with the energies of joy and freedom.

Depression actually works in your favor as a transformative force because it pulls you inward. “The only way out is through.” The flow of depression will naturally lead you out of the thickets of depression if you don’t resist by trying to distract yourself or “make yourself feel better.”

That is not your job. That is the job of your brilliant system. So stay the course and trust that underneath the darkness and the pain there is a spark of life that is keeping you alive.

Your mind will argue otherwise, but you will not die if you sit with yourself for a minute.

You will not die if you sit with yourself for a minute.

When I started this process I actually thought I was a failure at meditation. But this does not require hours of sitting. The first step is dropping into yourself and becoming more present. Even ONE MINUTE at a time is enough.

In that one minute, by becoming available to yourself, your energy system can start to take account of itself. You don’t have to “quiet your mind,” “let go of your thoughts,” or any of that. Your brilliant system will work wherever you’re at. (It works while you are asleep, after all!) Just spend one minute with your breath and let your Higher Self take care of what it needs to.

So if you feel called, take whatever time you have to become available to yourself today, trusting that it is enough. And follow along as I continue spiraling around the process of my manifestation mantra. You will learn how to bring yourself to the awareness of your soul’s learning edge next.


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