If you’ve been following this series, you will have already learned how to connect to your brilliant system with conscious breath and let your Higher Self take an energetic account of how you are showing up for life. Your learning edge is where you sense a gap between full presence—full connection with your Self and the larger flow of life—and your current level of availability to yourself and everyone and everything around you.

Because you are letting your Higher Self, rather than your lower mind, do the work, you may already have received a mantra along with your awareness of your learning edge. If not, you can simply send out the request to call one in. Then take a breath and allow an answer to come back to you. You can do this aloud or in silence, sending it inward, out into the ether, or upward. Whatever feels right for you is best. Play around with this if you don’t already have a way of engaging with Spirit.

What you are requesting is a mantra to bridge the gap between your Self and yourself. I get very specific words when I do this, and they sound more like a prayer than an affirmation. You may receive a sound or image or just a feeling. Let it be whatever it needs to be. What matters is the vibratory quality of the “mantra.”

It may come perfectly to you or you may feel the need to tweak it. Again, we are not working from the mind. We aren’t after meaning but feeling. Your mantra will have a very visceral effect on you. It may move you to tears, make you smile, or it may be subtler than that. It can be the feeling of something clicking into place.

When I realized that my learning edge was committing to my self care in the midst of grief and burnout, the mantra that came to me was “to rest in the palm of God.” This was not wording I would have consciously chosen at the time, but it felt absolutely right. It is exactly what my soul wanted there and then.

The beauty of working with a mantra this way is its magnetic quality. It wants to work with you and you want to work with it. You are naturally drawn to each other. So there is no efforting, the way you might with an affirmation. It will feel like home when you bring it to consciousness.

And that is really what is happening. You are keying into a home frequency that you have simply forgotten. You aren’t reaching for something alien to you, trying to convince yourself “I am beautiful,” (unless those are the words that come perfectly to you). You are reclaiming a divine quality or capacity that has lain dormant.

So the first part of “working” the mantra is really allowing it to work within you and all your energetic fields. It knows what dark or stuck spots to flow into. It is part of your brilliant system. You will feel its resonance within. Let it integrate at its own pace. Be gentle with yourself. You are bringing the light in and that is no small feat.

Next we will learn how focused intention is a way to bring you back each time you find yourself straying from the vibration of your mantra.


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