Everyone I’ve ever encountered who discusses “home frequency” treats it as if we each have only one frequency we call home. Even if we think of this (as intuitive healer Penney Peirce does) as “the highest, most natural personal vibration you can attain,” or the feeling of “soul-in-body,” I personally have experienced two very different home frequencies: absolute joy and absolute peace. Maybe because joy is a feeling that is “amped up,” we might think of this as “higher” in vibration than peace, but personally, sometimes I am not in the mood for joy; I want to sit in peace.

This is pointed advice about any sort of energy work, by the way: Don’t just accept other people’s truths just because it resonates deeply and sincerely with them. Go with what feels right for you. This may require some experimentation, trial and error, and adjustment, but you will end up with a process that is tailor-made for you! You may, indeed, end up with only one home frequency, as many others seemingly do, or you may have two or more to pull from as befitting your mood, desire, or circumstance.

Unless you intuitively know what your home frequency is, I recommend  one of three ways of “calibrating” to it.

BODILY MEMORY: You may drum up the feeling of being absolutely whole, your vital force filled your entire body, and your soul shined through. As I mentioned, for me this feeling is generally attached to absolute joy or absolute peace.

MENTAL MEMORY: If this is challenging, I recommend resorting to a memory. Bring yourself to a time and place when you felt whole and fully alive; when you felt absolutely grateful to be you, on this planet, at that moment; when you felt that you were at the pinnacle of what it means to be human / a spiritual being (whatever resonates!).

It’s great to get in the habit of “storing” these experiences of bodily memory precisely for the purposes of energy work. What I return to, when I can’t just will myself to feel joy, is the feeling of walking through the park on one particular Saturday when I just felt that every single person for the couple miles I walked was feeling absolutely joyful. I had never felt such happiness in the city for no apparent reason other than it was a sunny weekend and everyone was happy to be outside. When I want to remember what peace feels like, I resort to the feeling I sometimes get in meditation of being “bigger on the inside” (kind of like the Tardis!).

DIVINE ASSISTANCE: I have a friend who makes spiritual work and energy healing seem like such a breeze. Whenever she wants to experience some sort of heightened state, she simply asks! The language she uses is, “Divine Intelligence, fill my body with [fill in the blank].” You can change the phrasing with whatever resonates with you. If you want to appeal to “the Universe” or “Spirit,” do so. Sometimes I just dispense with any addresses and state, “Fill my body with the feeling of [X].”

Take time to sit with your “home frequency” (if you have more than one, do it for each one) and really become familiar with it. This will make it easier to call it up for future use.

Share your experience in the comments below, or print out this page to journal privately.


Suggestions for practice:

  • This can be used a daily tool to keep your vibration as steady as possible (this is especially great if you are on an emotional roller coaster).
  • You can also use this tool if you feel like “raising your vibration” to call in more positive things into your life.
  • If you are in a challenging situation, coming back to “home frequency” reminds you on a visceral level that you have the power to change your feelings and outlook on life.
  • Remember to notice the effects of this tool during and after use. Attend to whatever you need to on all PEMS levels (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual).
  • Drink lots of fluids and rest as needed.


Questions for reflection:

How did you arrive at “home frequency”? Did you intuitively know it, drum up a bodily memory, call up a memory in your mind, or ask for divine assistance?  Did you get there your own unique way? (Remember, there is no one best way to arrive at home frequency, but if you have a method that isn’t listed above, I’m all ears! Please share below.)





When have you experienced wholeness, vitality, gratitude for being alive? When have you experienced yourself as a spiritual being? What does that feel like in your body (even if it takes you beyond your body)? What does that feel like on other PEMS levels?





If you were to assign one word to your “home frequency,” what would it be? If you have more than one, choose a word for each one. If you find that translating your experience into language is limiting, play around with assigning a color, an image, a sound, etc. Or maybe you want to keep it even more abstract than that. (Again, I am dying with curiosity over here, so please feel free to share your experience below!)


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