Here’s an interesting exercise from the Akashic Records that came through last fall when some folks started talking to me about managing anxiety. I held back from sharing it more widely because the timing didn’t feel right, but now with the trees talking about worry and fear, the timing feels better. You don’t need to do this within an Akashic Records session. You can connect right into your Brilliant System with breath and intention. (What I suggest you refrain from doing is going through your mind, wracking your brain, actively trying to remember what you do.)

So turn inward, get grounded and centered, and once you feel a steady connection, empty of any preconceptions and judgments (or at the very least, aware of their existence so you can discern the answers from your own thoughts), ask yourself (by which I mean, ask your higher self / put it out into the ether) some variation of the question, “How do I manage my worry?” The first time this came through, the exact wording from the Akashic Records was actually, “Where do you put your worry?” Let the answer come to you in whatever way it chooses to (in words, images, a memory, etc.) in just the right timing. In a session where I’m holding space for you, you will likely get your answer immediately. But if you are doing this for yourself and aren’t used to these sorts of exercises, don’t force it. Trust that the question has been sent and let the answer come in, gradually or suddenly, at a later time.

What you will be shown is how your ego handles worry. Answers range from tackling it head-on with lots of mind-based plans to engaging in modes of distraction to numb or ignore the worry. When I did this for myself, I got that I tell myself, “I should know better than to worry,” which amounted to putting even more pressure on myself with the weight of the “should.”

When you get clear on your tactic for managing worry, the next question you ask is “What happens to the worry?” Clients always see how it remains, though it may be deferred, ignored, or hidden. Energetically, you will still feel it, because you haven’t done any work to let it go or integrate it.

The third question you ask is: “What is a better way of handling my worry?” For me the solution offered was to shift from “I should know better” to “I already know better than to worry.” If this resonates with you, feel into each statement. For me, I can sense how the burden of “should” gets lifted as I tap into the expansiveness of my Brilliant System, specifically into the part of my greater being that truly *does* rest in the knowing that there is never anything to worry about.

The fourth question is: “What can I see or understand from this new perspective?” This is the place from which you can truly discern what matters, what is in your control, and what sort of aligned action you can take to address the initial “worry,” if it is still there. You will he taking action in a situation that is no longer negatively charged. You are simply going from a point of imbalance to one of greater balance.

If you do this exercise and care to share, I would love to hear what you learn! And of course, contact me if you would like additional support either via the Akashic Records or a Brilliant System session.


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